Land Rover will continue the production of the Defender outside Europe but will be made in low volumes. The iconic vehicle will be limited to certain markets only.

Land Rover Defender LXV Off Roading
Land Rover Defender’s production will cease at the Solihull plant by December 2015

It has been 32 years since Land Rover first produced the Defender which is now a classic of course. The Land Rover Defender is believed to have the most scalding performance among its class. The British manufacturer initially claimed in 2013 that it would stop production of the Defender by end of 2015 but now Land Rover is considering to keep the legacy alive by moving the production of the vehicle overseas.

The Land Rover Defender is an iconic four-wheel drive off-roader. The British classic first produced in 1983 was called Land Rover Ninety and Land Rover One Ten. Land Rover recently showcased special farewell editions of the vehicle. Since a while people are talking about the end of an era whereas Land Rover may continue this vehicle’s sales in developing markets. Although the Defender will be alive, it will not be for sale in Europe.

The automaker did not reveal the place of production, but it is heard that it may be in India since Tata Motors is the owner of the company and is headquartered in the sub-continent. Considering the low manufacturing cost and the immense man-power available in India, the plan might get off well for Land Rover. The British brand added that while the manufacturing of the vehicle will continue but it will be low volume just to keep the vehicle viable. Want to know how the Defender drives? We have reviewed it HERE.

Land Rover Defender Electric slush
The special farewell edition of the Defender is in honor of its end in Europe