The Reva e2o may not be selling much in India but Mahindra isn’t loosing hope and is coming up with a new four-door version of the vehicle.

Mahindra Reva e2o Four-Door India
The Reva four-door is largely meant for the export markets

Electric vehicles may not be popular in India at the moment but automakers surely don’t want to put their hopes away. Mahindra has been selling the Reva e2o since quite some time now and the company seems quite interested in expanding the e2o product range because they have been testing a four-door variant of the EV and the same has been spotted on test at the Bangalore-Hosur highway amidst heavy camouflage.

Earlier this year, Mahindra had said that they are looking to develop a four-door version of the e2o for export markets and it is likely that this model will mostly be targeted to export markets like Europe. Also, there is a high possibility that the automaker will launch the product in India too. The added practicality may appeal to Indian buyers and maybe the vehicle’s sales numbers could just get boosted.

On the exteriors front, the vehicle is likely to carry a similar design as the two-door model but the rear will be slightly more elongated. The tail lights will also get a new design and maybe that’s about it. There won’t be any other changes. The interiors will be largely unchanged and they will continue to come with the same equipment list as the smaller model.

The Reva e2o is powered by an electric motor pumping out 25.47 HP of power and 53.9 Nm of torque and it is mated to a fully automatic transmission. The vehicle gets an electric power steering, 13-inch tubeless tyres, electric ORVMs, infotainment system, music player with Bluetooth, Driver Information System and a lot more. Mahindra is likely to reveal the four-door Reva e2o in the first half of 2016 itself.

Mahindra Reva e2o Four-Door
The extra doors add to the practicality factor of the EV

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