Yes, the Maruti 800 went airborne, thanks to a company called B’Lorean. The A K Vishwanath owned company strives to make the dream of personal flying machine a reality. The company has spent a numbers of years (since 1994) in bringing this to reality via innovations in Shape Independent Lift to eliminate wing and rotor design that traditional aircraft and new generations flying cars implement. This unique solution makes it possible to vertically lift object from any given point on normal road or open space without the need for airstrips. Their recent project is Avishcar, which is their flying Maruti 800.


Conventional flight models use wings to generate lift and thrust to propel the aircraft airborne. This requires adequate space for take-off and landing while necessitating rotors for thrust and cruise. However, for a car to function as a flying car, the wings and rotors are prohibitive as they interfere with traffic and rotors can consume excessive power and can be hazardous in closed/dense traffic.
B’Lorean, through its studies has arrived at innovative solutions to this unique requirements of urban flying car by developing a technology called Shape Independent Lift where within a reasonable boundary around any side of the car (upto or Less than 3 ft on any side maximum), mechanisms of airflow are adopted to achieve the lift and flight. This airflow is also manipulated to provide the different modes of operation of vehicle in flight such as Vertical takeoff and landing, cruise, roll, pitch and yaw along with special modes suitable for small objects like an automobile. In addition, the technique helps arrive at different special flight modes that insect class exhibit in Nature.