Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Review
The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Edition 1 is a diesel special edition model with a lot more kit

2014 Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Review

Car Tested: 2014 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Edition 1

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 32,07,350/-

The Edition 1 variant of the A-Class brings a load of practicality to the entry-level Mercedes.

Without doubt a top seller in the premium hatchback segment, the Mercedes A-Class has not only been selling in good numbers in India but is also a global success. This entry-level vehicle from the Stuttgart automaker has done so well that Mercedes India has repeatedly requested its headquarters for higher allocation of cars, as this vehicle is fully imported from Germany. The A-Class has many things going for it but the diesel model wasn’t as equipped as the petrol version since Mercedes wanted to price the diesel variant more aggressively. Now with the Edition 1 special edition, Mercedes not only celebrates the success of the A-Class but also gives the A180 CDI the features it has always deserved.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Changes
The standard A-Class on the right and the Edition 1 on the left

As you can see, the changes to the exteriors are mostly on the side of the car and in the above picture, the regular A-Class diesel is seen on the right while the car behind it is the Edition 1 variant. It’s quite apparent that Mercedes-Benz has given the A-Class Edition 1 a new set of alloy wheels along with a slight increase in ground clearance. There is also the Edition 1 lettering on decals placed on the sides, below the doors, the only place on the outside where you will find the mention of Edition 1.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Test Drive ReviewMercedes A-Class Edition 1 WheelsMercedes A-Class Edition 1 Sunroof

The new alloy wheels are as sporty as the old ones, A-Class Edition 1 also gets a panoramic sunroof

Other than the new 5-spoke alloy wheels (called Tremolite Grey by the company), the Edition 1 variant can also be distinguished from the standard model by the gloss black finish on the outside rearview mirrors. The car also gets a panoramic sunroof. There are no changes on the front and rear which remain identical as before. The A-Class continues to attract attention with its sharp and sporty styling and although a hatchback, it’s still quite big which gives it presence on the road, even in front of a sea of similarly priced sedans.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Interiors
Sunroof makes the cabin feel airy, interior quality continues to please

On the interior front too, Mercedes has swelled the equipment list. For starters, the cabin feels more airy now in spite of having no change in dimensions or colours of the cabin. This is purely because of the sunroof which brings in the big feeling inside the cabin of this baby Benz. A minor change we observed was with the instrument cluster, while everything remains the same as before, the Edition 1 model has a gear shift indicator and when in Eco mode, the Eco light flashes on the cluster, the same is missing on our long term A-Class which is a Style variant.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Electric SeatsMercedes A-Class Edition 1 Reverse Camera

Front passenger gets electric adjustment for the seat while a reverse camera has also been added

Mercedes-Benz has also added electric adjustment for the front passenger seat, giving it a memory function as well. The car also gets a reversing camera but the parking sensors have been removed. The A-Class petrol gets both a reverse camera along with front and rear parking sensors. The A-Class also gets a rear seat centre arm rest but space at the rear isn’t much and this car is best for two adults with children occupying the rear bench. There is also an Edition 1 badge on the inside, which is placed near the sunroof button.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Road Test
There is no hike in output of the 2.2-litre diesel mill powering the A-Class

There are no changes to the engine of the diesel powered Mercedes A-Class, it continues to draw power from a 2.2-litre motor which also happens to do duty on the B, C, E and ML-Class. It’s offered in the least state of tune on the front-wheel drive cars and although the A-Class is still faster than the B-Class (by 0.40 seconds in the 0-100 km/hr run), an output of 107 HP and 250 Nm isn’t much when you factor in a weight of 1.5 tonnes. Performance is more than adequate in all conditions but there isn’t that feeling of rush you would expect from a car which looks fast while standing still. The 7-speed automatic gearbox is easy going and that results in gearshifts not being done in a hurry. What is pleasing though is the mileage, the A-Class almost always nudging past 15 km/l which is impressive given the engine size and vehicle weight.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Handling
The A-Class Edition 1 sees an improved ride without compromising on handling

When the A-Class first came out, everyone found the vehicle to be stiffly sprung. While ride quality was good, bad roads really unsettled the car and the expectation of a plaint ride from a Mercedes vehicle isn’t something out of the ordinary. The German automaker has taken notice and tweaked the suspension of the vehicle for a softer ride. The effect is immediately apparent, although the stiffness can still be felt, the A-Class now crashes less into bumps and thumps less too. The increase in ground clearance also means you need not worry about scraping the underbelly on big breakers. The increase in ground clearance hasn’t affected the dynamics of the A-Class, it still handles beautifully, the steering is rich in feel and there is no body roll either. Braking performance continues to remain sharp and strong.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 Test Drive
The Edition 1 model of the A-Class will further boost the popularity of this baby Merc

The A-Class is without a second thought the most appealing entry-level German car on sale in the country today. While Mercedes has done a stellar job on the styling, interior, mileage and handling fronts, the vehicle lacked a few important features which robbed away the practicality quotient from it. Now in Edition 1 guise, the Mercedes A-Class not only gets more features but rides better too. Priced at a premium of just Rs. 83,500/- over the regular diesel A-Class, this makes this baby Benz even more attractive to those who want to arrive in style but don’t want to break the bank.

The Mercedes A-Class continues to please even in Edition 1 trim with its attractive design, sharp handling and sporty feel. The added features really add to the experience of owning a Merc.

Mercedes A-Class Edition 1 India
Mercedes brings the A-Class to India via the CBU route, still the price is attractive

What’s Cool

* Gorgeous styling
* Sporty interiors
* Involving to drive

What’s Not So Cool

* Engine could do with more output

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