2014 Mercedes S-Class Lights Review

Mercedes-Benz is known as a premium car manufacturer and the company wants to really look after its customers. The company is already known for its good after-sales service and Mercedes is all set to take this one step forward. The S-Class is the most premium car sold by the company and the automaker assures its customers that nothing can go wrong with this vehicle. Even if something does, the dealers are given the responsibility of fixing the issues as well as providing some goodwill to the customer. This has resulted in the launch of a new program called MB Select.

The MB Select program was launched in September this year when the next generation S-Class (W222) went on sale. According to this program, if an S-Class customer faces any type of issue with their car, be it major or minor, the dealership is allotted $2500 (Rs. 1.5 lakhs) to take care of the expenses as well as fulfil the customer’s needs. Mercedes has also directed its dealers to carry out warranty repairs immediately without any pre-approval from the factory. A similar type of program is also available for the CLA but here the dealers get $1000 (Rs. 60,000/-) to spend on each customer.

Now let’s look at a couple of instances when this MB Select program was put to use. A customer bought a brand new S-Class in Virginia and just as he drove out of the showroom, the “Check Engine Light” started flashing. This is quite unusual in a brand new car and the issue vanished with a simple software flash. However, the dealership gave the customer a gift coupon of one of the best restaurants in town. The customer was so impressed he went ahead and bought an SL off the shelf. In another case, a customer complained that the sunglass-holder in his S-Class wasn’t able to take in his designer glasses. The dealership promptly gifted the customer a brand new pair of Ray Ban glasses that perfectly fit in the holder. Now talk about customer service!

This is a very good step taken by Mercedes-Benz. It goes on to ensure that the company cares for its customers and doesn’t want them to move to other premium brands. This type of service leaves a very good taste in the customer’s mouth and makes sure that they will be repeat customers. Mercedes has said that this type of service will be extended to customers of their other vehicles too. We really hope this service comes to India, and not just with Mercedes but even other brands since there have been many instances of customers being taken on a ride due to the lax rules in our country.

2014 Mercedes S-Class AMG

Source – AutoNews