Mercedes-Benz has imported the first Mercedes-Maybach S500 into India. The uber luxurious sedan targets a niche segment of high-profile individuals.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Side
The added length adds a lot of room for the rear passengers

The Maybach had always been the pinnacle of luxury for Mercedes-Benz who launched luxury limousines under the bespoke name. However, depressing economic situations in major markets and falling sales forced the German carmaker to wrap up the Maybach brand. However, over the past few years, economies of most countries have been booming and there is high demand of exclusive vehicles which demand attention. Developing economies like China have entrepreneurs who want to announce their arrival in style.

For the reason stated above, Mercedes-Benz reincarnated the Maybach brand last year and launched a few models under a new brand name, Mercedes-Maybach. All the models designed under the new brand name are based on the W222 S-Class which is an extremely stylish luxury sedan. Since India also has certain high networth individuals who would love to own Maybachs, the company has decided to launch certain versions of the high-end limousine in the country. For the same, one unit of the Mercedes-Maybach S500 has been recently imported into the country indicating that the launch is not far away.

Mercedes-Maybach mentioned that the Maybach S-Class is the quietest sedan in the world thanks to the generous amount of sound deadening material and the thick glass all around. The other thing of the new car which strikes is the increased length liberating more legroom for the rear passengers. Mercedes-Benz is on an offensive mode in India this year and will be launching fifteen new cars by the end of 2015. Six launches have already taken place and the ones remaining now are the high end models and the very popular SUV’s. The expected pricing for the Mercedes-Maybach S500 is over Rs. 2 crores (ex-showroom) considering the additional space, equipment and snob value over the regular S-Class.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Comfort
Nothing comes close to the comfort offered by the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class for the price

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