The much awaited and anticipated Hero Honda Karizma FI has finally broken cover. The new Karizma which is expected anytime soon, gets a host of features but still feels lackluster compared to the Bajaj Pulsar 220. There is still no digital instrumentation and the fairing is a rip off from the Suzuki Hayabusa.


The 2009 Hero Honda Karizma FI gets the following : –

  • Split Clip On Handle Bars
  • Full Fairing
  • Split rear grab rails
  • New Colors
  • PGM-FI (Programmable Fuel Injection)
  • Fairing mounted mirrors
  • New rear mud guard
  • New headlamp and tail lamp get LEDs
  • New Graphics, Duh!!
  • Gas Charged Shock Absorbers

Motorbeam reader Amit has summed it up very well : –

It has a full fairing and it looks down right ugly, seems like half way through the designing process they figured out that a new full fairing would some how look cool, so they took lots of plastic (yes loads of it) gave it some monstrous alien look and used some feviquick to paste it with the body.

The result looks like an alien with a huge head and skinny lower body (see the pics and you would understand what I am talking about) and wait its not over yet from what I have read they have retained the same engine with a slight up in the power, courtesy of FI, so lets do a bit of mathematics shall we?

Say with the new FI the power goes up by 3 bhp (might be more but am quite doubtful about that) and add to it the bulky fairing which must be of some 1299836 metric tonnes. So the power to weight ratio if am not wrong should be more or else like the old ZMA, no no guys our misery is still not over, sources claim that it would cost in excess of one lakh. So basically HH expects us to shell out over 1 lakh for the new ZMA which looks basically the same except for a new full AERODYNAMIC fairing (sarcasm involved) Ok lets says I am wrong and theres a huge power gain so what still looks down right ugly.

When the competition is getting so ahead, why has Hero Honda done a panic job. They seemed to be in a hurry and its more like they woke up last night and said, lets launch a new Karizma with real changes and not just new stickers.

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