2021 Toyota Fortuner Price
The firm is already getting ready with the next-gen model of the SUV

Toyota has revealed that an all-new Fortuner will make its debut in 2022 and it will feature Electric Power Steering (EPS), hybrid tech and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Having launched the 2021 Fortuner and Fortuner Legender (click here for prices) only recently, the Japanese automaker has let out that the next-generation model will feature a revised electrical/electronic architecture.

Chief Engineer, Toyota Motor Corporation, Yoshiki Konishi, has stated that the firm would like to introduce EPS in the car in the near future in order to make the vehicle easier to drive.

Further, the firm will introduce an electronically controlled VSC system in the 2022 Toyota Fortuner, include more connectivity features and ADAS as well.

Although the Indian-spec Fortuner currently does not boast of any ADAS tech, internationally, the SUV can be had with some of the tech. The new Fortuner will only build on those features.

Interestingly, Toyota has decided to stick with the body-on-frame construction even for the next-generation Fortuner because, as Yoshiki Konishi puts it, the SUV should be capable off-road.

While the chassis stays old school, the powertrain will change, with the firm’s chief engineer accepting Toyota cannot offer a diesel engine option anymore without some form of electrification.

The brand is looking at both mild- and strong-hybrid tech (and, when incorporated with an oil burner, calls it the diesel-plus-hybrid-system) and another powertrain, though it will not say what.

It is likely that the 2.8-litre diesel motor will be offered with mild-hybrid tech in India as it will keep costs down, while also pleasing climate alarmists.

With the SUV’s launch set for 2022, we would be surprised if its development mules are not snapped in full by petrol heads in the coming months.

2021 Toyota Fortuner And Legender
It will be a mix of rugged old school underpinnings and modern tech

Source – AutocarIndia.com