2014 Mercedes C-Class Intelligent Drive

Mercedes-Benz wants to make available all the latest safety tech to its customers. The automaker had unveiled the new E-Class and S-Class earlier this year with the new Intelligent Drive system. This new technology is soon going to make its way to the new C-Class. Mercedes is all set to debut the new C-Class at NAIAS 2014 along with the new GLA45 AMG.

The idea behind this new technology called “Intelligent Drive” is to enhance both comfort and safety at the same time. A powerful sensor that gives the car a 360-degree view is the basis for the numerous functions of the assistance system. A new Stereo Multi Purpose Camera (SMPC) is included in the assistance system. The SMPC is placed behind the windscreen near the interior mirror at the level of the driver’s eyes. There are two cameras that provide a nice three-dimensional view of an area upto 50 metres infront of the vehicle. The cameras can also detect the position and movement of objects like pedestrians and other vehicles for a range of upto 500 metres.

There are going to be two short-range radar sensors in the front bumper and at the sides of the rear bumper respectively. These short-range sensors are supposed to have a range of upto 30 metres. There will also be a long-range radar in the front grille (with a range of upto 200 metres) with medium-range detection of 60 metres behind the grille and a multi-mode radar with a range of 80 metres in the centre of the rear bumper.

These sensors provide functionally relevant data that is used by the various assistance systems and the security experts call this “Sensor Fusion”. The system analyzes this information using smart algorithms and can detect vehicles coming from all directions and also pedestrians in a large field of view. The cameras can also detect different traffic signs and warnings. The assistance system aims to provide complete safety not only for the passengers in the car but also for others on the road.

The new W205 Mercedes C-Class also has a standard feature called Attention Assist that can warn the driver of fatigue and distraction. This is going to be offered in the COMAND system (Mercedes’ multimedia system) with proper equipment. The Attention Assist system will be able to provide an adjustable sensitivity and it can provide the instrument cluster with information on the driver’s fatigue and the total driving time. In addition to the above mentioned systems, there is going to be another essential feature that will merge the information from different sensors and improve the overall safety and comfort.

Another great technology called Brake Assist BAS PLUS can detect crossing traffic and increase the brake’s power if it feels that the driver is applying the brakes weekly. In the absence of the driver’s reaction, the Pre-Safe Brake detects pedestrians and applies the brakes on its own to prevent accidents for speeds upto 50 km/hr. In regular flowing traffic the Pre-Safe feature can support analog operation of brakes for the entire speed range of the car. A feature called Advanced Active Lane Keeping Assist corrects the unilateral path of the car in broken lane markings and helps prevent collision risk in incidents like fast overtaking, oncoming traffic or even unintended lane departures.

There is yet another safety feature and that is called Active Park Assist. It basically enables automatic parking with active steering and braking maneuvers in different types of parking like longitudinal and parallel. A 360-degree camera can show a bird’s eye view of the car. There is also a False Travel Warning function that can warn the driver of speed limits and an Adaptive Highbeam Assist plus which provides a glare-free and continuous main beam by hiding other vehicles in a remote light zone.

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