Pulsar 200 vs Duke 200 Shootout

Bajaj-KTM launched the Duke 390 today and at the launch event, we spoke to a few people from the company. News of Pulsar 200 NS getting fuel-injection has made the rounds a few months back but the company was quick to clarify it was for the export market only. However Bajaj Auto will give the Pulsar 200 NS fuel-injection in India, but only in the distant future. The company will also add ABS to the Pular 200 NS when it gives it fuel injection. These features are important to sell the bike in Europe and America.

Bajaj Auto doesn’t sell the Pulsar 200 NS with fuel injection simply because of the pricing. With fuel-injection, the Pulsar 200 NS will be costlier by at least Rs. 8000/-. The company did not find the increase in performance justifying the increase in price. India being a cost conscious country and the Pulsar being a value for money motorcycle, meant that Bajaj Auto had to cut down on a few bits to ensure the VFM tag stays intact with India’s most popular sports bike.

The KTM Duke 200 was recently given ABS in Europe, as the recent norms make it mandatory for this feature to be present. However there is no such norm in India and even though many speculated about the Duke 200 getting ABS in India, KTM has clarified to us that there are no such plans in the near future. The Duke 200 will not get any changes but in the distant future, ABS will be made part of standard equipment. If ABS is added now, the Duke 200 will become costlier by at least Rs. 20,000/- thereby decreasing the gap with the Duke 390.

Pulsar vs Duke Review