ferrari green novitec f430.jpgferrari novitec f430.jpg
Who likes Green Ferrari’s? Not many i am sure but check this awesome Novitec F430. This car has 707 HP on tap and a lot of cool modifications.

It is called as the Green NOVITEC ROSSO Custom Verde Ithaca F430. Long name and long list of mods too, here are the mods on it:

Custom painted 20″ NF3 wheels

Custom exotic hide and suede interior

Custom matte finish two toned paint

New SuperSport rear bumper

Front Bumper

Sport exhaust

Side Skirts

Rear diffuser

Aluminum pedal set

Black lighting

Height adjustable suspension

Carbon engine vents

Sway bars

Carbon engine panels

Carbon fiber steering wheel

707 HP and supercharger

ferrari novitec rosso f430.jpg