Pagani Zonda awesome.jpg
Recently there was the best super car meet ever. Known as the ‘Vanishing Point’ Rally Pagani 2008. It was a private meeting of Pagani Zonda with its owners organized by Horacio Pagani(The founder of Pagani) There were an incredible 14 Pagani Zondas along with a very rare purple Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Veyron rare blue.jpgPagani Zonda carbon fibre.jpgPagani Zonda F.jpgPagani Zonda hot.jpgPagani Zonda meet.jpgPagani Zonda awesome 14 car meet.jpgWhite Pagani Zonda.jpg

Check this for more pics. Is this better then the 14 Carrera drive meet, thats for you to decide.