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Piaggio Vespa Elegante Review
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Piaggio will soon launch the Vespa Elegante which is a special edition model of the Vespa scooter based on the VX variant. The automaker unveiled the scooter to the media earlier today and since this shares its mechanicals with other Vespa scooters, a ride event wasn’t conducted. Instead, Piaggio kept a photo shoot of the Vespa Elegante which will be available in limited numbers. The Italian automaker is offering this scooter in two colours – Marrakech Brown and Pearl White. Other changes to the Vespa Elegante include a Limited Edition “Elegante” badge, all-round chrome guard kit with a front bumper guard, new chrome grille at the front and a colour coordinated helmet.

The Piaggio Vespa Elegante gets contrast coloured split seats finished in leather, the white coloured scooter has a dark red one while the Brown coloured model sees a beige finish. The engine on the Vespa Elegante is the same 125cc, 3-valve unit which outputs 10.06 PS of power and 10.6 Nm of torque, matched to a CVT gearbox. There is absolutely no change on the mechanical front. The motor offers good mid and top-end punch but the low-end isn’t as punchy as you would expect. There are some jerks at the low-end too as fuelling isn’t done well. The real world mileage of this scooter is upwards of 46 km/l and when you factor in the huge 8.5-litre tank, you instantly appreciate the range it offers.

The Vespa Elegante uses a monocoque steel frame with the front employing a Vespa typical single sided suspension. The scooter gets a front disc brake while rear stopping duties are taken care by a drum. The Vespa has a fantastic ride quality and the handling is also excellent but the tyres (tubeless) don’t offer as much grip. The scooter also doesn’t remain stable at high speeds but the brakes are very good. Piaggio hasn’t announced the prices of the Vespa Elegante yet but expect to pay a small premium over the VX variant.

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The Vespa Elegante doesn’t look much different from other Vespa scooters

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The split seats are the highlights of this special edition Vespa scooter

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Piaggio wants to tap a niche in the market with its premium range of scooters

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Lots of round bits like the mirrors and headlight which give the Vespa a retro feel

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The finishing around the instrument cluster is new on the Vespa Elegante

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Closed glovebox at the front is a nice and practical touch

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Both these colours look good thanks to the contrast coloured seats

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VX badging clearly visible on the Vespa Elegante, notice the accessories

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Piaggio will charge a small premium for this special edition Vespa model

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We like this brown shade a lot but this scooter is too expensive

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Piaggio isn’t looking for volumes and is content with selling less scooters

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A range of accessories are offered by Piaggio for the Vespa

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