2011 Tata Nano V2

One thing that Tata Motors ensures is that they constantly update their existing products, and especially when it comes to a product like Nano that has had a very turbulent journey till now in the Indian market. A Team-BHPian recently spotted a Nano car which was probably undergoing tests as judged by the temporary registration number plates on the back of the car. If this is to be believed as undergoing tests, then we might be looking at the second generation of the Tata Nano, maybe codenamed as Nano V2.

From the spy shots, it can be easily concluded that Tata has indeed heard the voice of customer and made some welcome changes like the driver side wing mirror. The current Nano doesn’t feature left side wing mirror, not even as an optional extra. Also, they have incorporated an engine cover that hides the rear mounted engine. Customers were not very happy with the current gruffy engine sound that the Nano produces and often related it to the likes of an autorickshaw. The rear bumper also has some slots which maybe to allow better heat dissipation from the engine.

Tata Nano Version 2

Pictures Source – Team-BHP