Bajaj will soon be launching the Pulsar 200 SS which will have an option of ABS. However, its pricier sibling, the KTM RC 200 doesn’t get an option of ABS.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS ABS
The Pulsar 200 SS will be offered with ABS, the bike will come in 4 colours

Bajaj will be launching the Pulsar 200 SS in India this month. Riders have waited for a long time for this bike to be launched and the wait is finally ending. But what’s even more interesting is that the bike will come in two variants – ABS and non-ABS. The ABS variant will get a dual-channel ABS system which is more advanced than a single channel system. The bike will also be slightly more powerful than the Pulsar 200 NS because it will be getting fuel injection as standard. The power rating for the Indian bikes would be 23.70 PS and the torque is rated at 18.3 Nm.

However, what surprises us is that the more expensive sibling of the Pulsar 200 SS, the KTM RC 200 doesn’t get an option of ABS. The owners have to make do with a non-ABS variant only. Technically, a more expensive product should have an upper hand in terms of equipment and quality. But KTM has skipped on a very essential safety feature in order to save costs. We think that KTM should launch an ABS equipped variant of the RC 200 in the near future otherwise it will lag behind the Pulsar. KTM does sell the RC 200 with ABS in global markets and the same bike is made in India and exported.

The KTM RC 200 however has an upper hand when it comes to styling as it looks stunning because of the powder-coated orange trellis frame and the specially designed graphics. It is almost identical to the RC 390 except that it doesn’t get ABS and Metzeler tyres. We hope KTM soon offers ABS with an option to switch it on or off on the RC 200 to justify the premium it commands over the Pulsar 200 SS. This would give the owners an option to be safer on the roads and let loose on the track!

KTM RC 200 Track Day
The KTM RC 200 should get an ABS option soon to stay in the game