TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 2
Super focused riding the race-spec TVS Apache RR 310 for the first time on Madras Motor Race Track!

The day dawned with anticipation as I geared up to race in the ARE GP Cup championship. I was nominated in the media category, separate from the customers category. We were further divided into two groups. One group rode the race-spec TVS Apache RTR 200, and the other rode the race-spec TVS Apache RR 310. I found myself fortunate to be assigned the RR 310 race-spec. It was a significant upgrade from my previous experience with the RTR 200.


The TVS ARE GP Cup is an initiative launched by the TVS’ racing division, TVS Racing. The event aims to bring TVS Apache owners and racing aficionados together from around the country. And to elevate the thrilling racing experience with safety and skill as a priority.

The TVS ARE GP Cup was started in 2023. It brought together TVS Apache owners from 20 key cities across the country. It also gave them a unique opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of the racing in a safe and controlled environment of a racetrack. Part of the experience also involves experiencing race-spec RTR 200s and race-spec versions of their flagship motorcycle, the Apache RR 310. 

The selection process for the championship consisted of rounds held in four categories – 160cc-180cc, 200cc and 310cc. Over 1000 TVS Apache owners participated, from which 48 finalists made it to the season finale. This was held at the Madras International Circuit in Chennai. There were a lot of prizes up for grabs for the customers, including an all expense paid trip for the MotoGP round of the Sepang GP as well as a wild card entry for the TVS One Make Championship.

TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 1
TVS Apache RR 310 looks ravishing in the race-spec avatar

TVS Apache RR 310 Race-Spec Machine!

So, these race-spec TVS Apache RR310s are in no way close to a stock motorcycle. A lot of work has been carried out on them. The power has been boosted by over 25 percent, with the bikes now producing almost 42-45 BHP at crank. Additionally, the weight has been considerably reduced by around 35 kgs. They also feature race fairings, a free-flow exhaust, lowered clip-ons, lighter wheels, a higher and more rear-set footpegs for that aggressive racing posture. These race-spec RR 310s are also shod with the extremely grippy TVS Protorq Extreme tyres on both the ends.

TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 7
Keeping an eye out for the racing line and getting to know braking markers!

Free Practice –

As I exited the pit and merged onto the track, I immediately noticed the discomfort of the unfamiliar riding position. The absence of a speedometer added to the challenge. However, the most daunting task turned out to be the quick-throttle of the race-spec motorcycle. Unlike production motorcycles where the throttle is light on hand, the quick-throttle on the race bike required quite a bit of force to twist. At one point, it became so strenuous that I began experiencing discomfort and pain in my forearm. It was a stark reminder of the demanding physicality required to ride a race-spec motorcycle.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t complete a clean lap during the free practice session. I was still figuring out the braking markers, the correct gearing, and understanding the motorcycle as a whole. Exiting the session, I felt drained and lacking in energy, but glancing at the timing list provided a glimmer of encouragement. My time of 2:08.350 placed me third, although two seconds behind the leader. Still, knowing I didn’t execute a proper time attack and had the potential to cut the time considerably did instill confidence.

Duck down and go time, but wasn’t the best qualifying for me

Qualifying –

Qualifying, however, shattered all my confidence and hope. A moment of target fixation led to a low-speed crash in the opening lap, prematurely ending my session. Thankfully, after appealing to the race officials and reviewing the footage, I was granted permission to race, albeit from the last position on the grid.

TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 6
Catching up to the lead pack by the end of Race 1 boosted my confidence

RACE 1 –

Race 1 was all about avoiding crashes and smoothly crossing the finish line, as the regret of crashing the motorcycle in qualifying was sort of playing in my head. 

I had a good launch from the last position and managed to recover several positions in the opening lap. In the second lap, after getting a clear track ahead, I pushed and set the fastest lap of the race with a timing of 2.04.332. Bettering my previous personal best set in free practice by 4 seconds. By the 3rd lap, I managed to bridge the gap from my position of 4th to the top three competitors who were battling it out for the lead. I finished in 4th position and just under 2 seconds behind the rider in first position. 

As silly as it may sound, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like Rossi going through the pack from last in the 2015 finale race and ending 4th. I was incredibly relieved after crossing the chequered flag. Because if I hadn’t had the chance to race, it would have been one of the worst regrets of my life, knowing that I was competitive enough. Also, after finishing fourth in Race 1, I had a better chance to fight for a podium. As the grid position for Race 2 is determined by the Race 1 results.

TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 8
All alone leading the Race 2 kept me on my toes!

Race 2 –

In Race 2, I saw an opportunity for redemption. Starting from 4th position, my sole objective was to secure a spot on the podium. When the green signal flashed, I had a decent launch and maintained my position in the initial corners behind Punya. By the end of the first lap, I had moved up to 2nd place and was pushing to close in on the lead rider. Unfortunately, the rider in 1st place had a crash in C5 in the second lap. Witnessing the crash just ahead of me heightened my awareness. I realised after how the day started fighting my way up from the back and battling for a podium finish, I didn’t want to screw it up.

With a slight gap between me and the rider behind, I rode cautiously and tried to follow the race lines and not overdo it, but then the same qualifying issue happened. On the third lap, a momentary loss of focus due to target fixation in corner 2 again caused me to veer off-road, resulting in a loss of about 4 seconds. Thankfully, I didn’t crash and had built up a significant lead over the rider in 2nd position in the previous lap. I got back on the track and put my head down, refocused, and pushed hard. With a clean lap without overpushing, I finished 1st with a lead of almost 3 seconds over the rider behind.

TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 5
Crossing the finish line, winning the Race 2, it just felt surreal

After crossing the finish line, it all felt like a fairy tale. From losing all hopes of getting a chance to race after crashing in qualifying, to starting from last in Race 1 and finishing 1st in Race 2, it has been the best day of the year for me.

Throughout the race day, the experience of riding the RR 310 was on another level. Despite having only about 40 minutes of seat time (20 minutes of free practice, 9 minutes for Race 1, and 9 minutes for Race 2), I thoroughly enjoyed it and yearned for more time in the saddle. The overall dynamics, feedback from the chassis, and the braking were far superior to those of a standard road motorcycle. There was so much potential to push further, but my skills were the limiting factor.

TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 9
Back to the podium within a span of a few month, some dreams do come true!

Was It Fun?

Overall in the championship, I stood 2nd in the standings and clocked the fastest lap of 2.04.054 in the media category, although we were not fortunate enough to receive the winning prize of a ticket to the Sepang MotoGP race, which the customer category received. However, I have no complaints. I am very thankful to the TVS Racing team for allowing us to experience racing on race-spec TVS Apache RR 310.


CategoryWinnerRunner-upSecond Runner-up
RR 310 CategoryRushab ShahSanthosh BalakrishnanAditya Tentiwala
RTR 200 CategoryBharath BAjal AntonyPuneet Dembla
RTR 160 & 180 CategoryPradeep. CAmar B ShirkeAbin Thomas
RR 310 Media CategoryPunya Prasun SharmaJoel RajuAzaman Chothia
RTR 200 Media CategoryMandar SavantGlen Felix FrancisKeshav T
TVS Apache RR 310 OMC Race Experience 4
Living for those 5 minutes going flat-out on the race track than anyone could live in a lifetime