Range Rover Evoque L
It comes with the R-Dynamic exterior package as standard

The Range Rover Evoque L has been developed to offer more legroom for rear seat occupants

Meet the Range Rover Evoque L, a stretched variant of the stylish luxury SUV that has been developed to be sold exclusively in the most populated country on earth.

The Evoque has always been packed with the latest features

Like every elongated model sold in the People’s Republic, the Range Rover Evoque L concentrates on increasing the legroom for passengers seated in the second row.

While the standard Evoque is 4371 mm long, the long wheelbase variant is 4531 mm long. Most of the 160 mm added to the car’s length has been between the wheels, for Range Rover says the L’s wheelbase is 125 mm longer than the standard version.

The rear seats can recline as well

Rear seat occupants will be able to stretch their feet even further due to the SUV’s increased wheelbase says Range Rover which has also fitted the car with electronically adjustable seats in the back that can recline up to 7 degrees.

On the outside, one can see that the rear doors have been stretched and the luxury SUV also comes with the R-Dynamic exterior package and 20-inch alloy wheels as standard.

Range Rover Evoque L Side
The 20-inch alloys have an unique and pleasing design

In terms of features, the Range Rover Evoque L is equipped with a 12.3-inch customisable instrument cluster, dual 10.2-inch touchscreens that operate on InControl OS 2.0 system.

On sale in China for 430,000 yuan (Rs. 49.62 lakhs), the long wheelbase Evoque might not be offered in any other market.

Range Rover Evoque L
It is exclusive for the Chinese market for now