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The cabin feels airy, plush and premium

Interiors – The theme of simplicity continues on the inside. The interior of the Velar feels like a modern-day studio apartment. It is minimalistic, airy and full of all the modern-day essentials. You get the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with two touchscreens, a feature increasingly seen on newer JLR cars. The top screen can be adjusted and comes out ever so slightly when you start the car. The infotainment system is crisp and easy to operate but we would’ve liked more physical buttons. The lower touch screen that controls climate and off-road settings is a bit distracting at first but has superb graphics and an intuitive interface.

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The electrically adjustable front seats offer great comfort

The dual infotainment screens look futuristic but take time getting used to

The front seats are super comfortable and offer 10-way powered adjustment for maximum comfort. Space in the front is commendable and we can’t complain about the ergonomics. Soft-touch dashboard and liberal use of leather makes the cabin look and feel upmarket. The backseat is reasonably spacious. The headroom is not too big an issue in the Velar, unlike some cars with sloping rooflines. The backrest is slightly reclined and that liberated some headroom. Besides, the panoramic sunroof and the beige theme on our test car gave a sense of space. Visibility in the front is hampered slightly by the large front headrests and we found the backseat to be best for two and not three. The pronounced hump in the centre and protruding centre console make it less comfortable for the middle passenger. Still, you wouldn’t mind getting chauffeured around in this SUV.

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The rear seat is best suited for two passengers

The R-Dynamic trim provides you with a long list of equipment. In addition to the smart infotainment system and panoramic sunroof, you get, four-zone climate control, Android Auto and Apple Car Play connectivity options, ambient lighting, auto-dimming rearview mirrors etc. Mention must be made of the well-executed instrument cluster and touch-sensitive steering mounted controls.

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Features such as the rising gear selector give the Velar a luxurious touch

The feature-loaded cabin feels spacious and upscale thanks to the beige upholstery and panoramic sunroof

Quality of materials is at par with other SUVs of the segment and the attention to detail like the rising gear selector upon start-up adds character to the Velar’s cabin. To sum it up, the Velar’s simple and suave interior is a truly unique take on luxury.