The Renault Fluence has been silently discontinued in India as sales of the D-segment sedan have been very poor. It will be replaced by the Megane sedan next year.

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The Renault Fluence has been discontinued in India, albeit silently as the automaker’s website no longer lists the vehicle. The company never managed to sell the Fluence and the car managed to sell just 1 unit this fiscal year, this is in spite it getting a facelift a couple of years ago (in March 2014).

If you contact any Renault dealer, they too will confirm that the Fluence isn’t available since a few months now and with demand being extremely low or actually zero, it made no sense to keep it on sale. The first car to be launched by Renault in India when it went solo (it entered the country with the Logan in collaboration with Mahindra), the Fluence did its job as a brand builder.

There are many reasons for no one wanting to buy the Renault Fluence. The vehicle was priced at a premium in spite of being powered by a puny 1.5-litre diesel engine that only produced 108 BHP of power. But drive it and you will be pleasantly surprised as it was a fun car with engaging dynamics. With the launch of the Duster, Renault forgot to market the Fluence and after the arrival of the Kwid, the French guys got too busy handling the 98% localised small car.

Competition in the D-segment has bene strong with the Toyota Corolla Altis leading the pack and Hyundai aiming for dominance with its latest generation Elantra. The German twins, although priced high, are among the best in the segment but Renault hasn’t given up and plans to bring in the Megane sedan to India via the CKD route next year.

Renault Fluence Discontinued

– The Fluence hasn’t managed to sell in India due to various reasons
– Renault has stopped sales of the Fluence due to poor sales
– The company will launch the Megane sedan which replaces the Fluence globally

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