Royal Enfield has added the Himalayan to its website and has put a couple of videos to show the bike’s development and capabilities.

2016 Royal Enfield Himalayan Features
The Himalayan will come with many optional accessories

Ever since the news broke out of Royal Enfield developing an adventure tourer, biking enthusiasts have been waiting with baited breath for it. In the last few months, the motorcycle has been seen testing at various places across the country in various stages of development. Just recently, we posted the scoop pictures of the production version of the Himalayan which is to be launched just prior to the Auto Expo scheduled for next month.

Just two weeks before the launch, Royal Enfield has added a few details of its new adventure tourer, the Himalayan on its website to allure the customers and to generate interest before the launch. The website has two videos one of which shows rallying legend CS Santosh ride the bike and talk about it whereas the other video shows the kind of testing the motorcycle has been through. Looking at the videos, we must say that we are impressed.

If whatever we see till now is to be believed, we can say that the wishes of tourers have come true. The Royal Enfield Himalayan offers a no-nonsense riding experience and follows a simplistic approach. Function has been given priority over form and it clearly shows as the bike wouldn’t win any beauty pageants. What it would win however is the practicality award as it offers that in abundance with its stellar ground clearance, long travel suspension and provision to mount luggage easily.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Siddharth Lal has also posted his experience about the development of the bike and riding characteristics as he has been personally involved at each step of the process. He was a part of the testing team which tested the Himalayan over varying terrains to ensure that the bike conquers it all. They have made sure that the tourer handles equally on the road as well as off it. With a price tag of under Rs. 1.8 lakhs (on-road, Delhi), the machine sounds like a bargain. We can’t wait to ride it.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Highlights –

  • OHC LS400 Engine (produces 25 BHP on the prototype)
  • Oil-cooled single-cylinder
  • 10,000 kms oil change interval
  • 25,000 kms spark plug change
  • 21-inch front wheel
  • Long suspension travel
  • Hard and soft panniers to be offered as option
  • 15-litre fuel tank
  • Cruises comfortably between 80-110 km/hr
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