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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 details reveal compact dimensions & street bike ergonomics

Royal Enfield enthusiasts should gear up for the arrival of the highly anticipated Shotgun 650, a sibling to the Super Meteor 650 with street bike ergonomics. Recent homologation documents have unveiled key details about the Shotgun 650, shedding light on its dimensions and performance details.

One of the standout characteristics of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 will be its compact design. Compared to the Super Meteor 650, the Shotgun measures in at 2170 mm in length (as opposed to the Super Meteor’s 2260 mm) and has a slimmer profile at 820 mm width (versus the Super Meteor’s 890 mm).

This reduction in size is complemented by a shorter wheelbase, coming in at 1465 mm compared to the Super Meteor’s 1500 mm. It’s worth noting that some of this difference could be attributed to variations in wheel sizes.

While the Shotgun 650 may be smaller in length and width, it is a taller motorcycle at 1155 mm, a difference of 50 mm. These variations in dimensions hint us about Royal Enfield’s intention to create a more upright and agile street bike in contrast to the Super Meteor’s low-slung cruiser aesthetics.

Street bike enthusiasts will appreciate the Shotgun’s ergonomics, which are tailored for urban riding. Although not explicitly mentioned in the homologation documents, it’s expected that the Shotgun will offer a taller seat height compared to the Super Meteor’s low-slung 740 mm seat.

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 will borrow its engine from the Super Meteor 650. The same 648cc parallel-twin engine producing 47 HP. Expected to come with similar gearing and engine tuning.

One area where the Shotgun might further differentiate itself from its sibling is in its suspension setup. Given its street bike orientation, it’s likely that the Shotgun will feature more rear suspension travel than the Super Meteor’s 101 mm, offering improved comfort and handling, especially on rough or uneven surfaces.