Kia Seltos Service Campaign
This receipt shows that the DCT-equipped Seltos received a gearbox software update

Kia Motors is said to have organised a service campaign for the Seltos midsize SUV, specifically for the turbo petrol DCT and diesel variants.

We had reported back in November that the firm had run a service campaign to inspect, and if necessary replace, the fuel pump of diesel models of the Seltos (read article here).

It was stated that the fuel pump, could be faulty and make the car vibrate, apart from having reduced pickup as well.

Kia noted that, on the feedback received from customers and various sources, it carries out necessary improvements on its models so that its customers do not face any inconvenience.

Similarly, this recent campaign also concentrates on the fuel pump installed in the diesel models of the SUV. However, this time, it looks like the fuel pump is not defective, rather it apparently needs to be torqued to spec.

The service action campaign also includes looking into turbo-petrol DCT variants of the Seltos. Kia will update the software pertaining to the 7-speed DCT, which, is said to bring about an improvement in acceleration when in first gear.

Details about the exact number of cars covered under this recent Kia Seltos service campaign is not known.

Kia Seltos Service Campaign

  • Kia has organised a service campaign for the Seltos
  • It covers the diesel variants and turbo petrol models with the DCT
  • The turbo petrol gearbox software is being updated
Kia Seltos Diesel
The carmaker continues to improve its products through such programmes

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