Shell Lubricants has announced a once-in-a-lifetime experience offer for fans the chance to win a ‘Inside Ferrari’, which would allow them to meet Räikkönen and Massa at the Ferrari Finals in Valencia, Spain, and have an opportunity to work with Ferrari mechanics on a genuine Ferrari Formula One car, experience a passenger ride in a Ferrari GT car and analyse Shell Helix Ultra oil with Shell’s Formula One engineers.

To be in with the chance of winning, Ferrari enthusiasts can enter the prize draw by : –

  • Buying any pack of Shell Helix Ultra (4liter) or Shell Helix Super (3 or 4ltr.) and discover the secret code in the scratch card.
  • Getting an oil change can also help you “Join Ferrari for a Day” with every purchase of Shell Ultra (4liter) or Shell Helix diesel Plus VA (5liter).
  • Type shellcode your name and SMS it to 58888 from his personal mobile number.
  • On every purchase, the customer gets a Gillette Kit worth Rs. 315/- with Shell Helix Ultra (4liter) or a Purolator filter worth Rs. 75/- with Shell Helix Super(3 or 4liter) absolutely free.

The winners from New Delhi, India will join the other lucky guests from all around the world as they watch Ferrari F430 Challenge cars of all ages racing on track and meet Ferrari’s Formula One drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa at the Ferrari World Finals as VIP guests of Shell Helix Ultra. The following day, they will go where very few motorsport fans have been before when they return to the track to complete the ultimate Inside Ferrari experience. The day will feature a range of activities but the undoubted highlight will be when the winners pull on their overalls and work alongside Scuderia Ferrari engineers to prepare a Ferrari Formula One car before it takes to the track for a private display. Being allowed intimate access to a Ferrari Formula One garage is rare but this will be the first time guests have ever been invited to work on a genuine Formula One car.

Furthermore, the guests will learn all about the technology behind this very fast car through the chance to work with Shell engineers and analyse Shell Helix Ultra engine oil from Ferrari Formula One and GT (road) cars in Shell’s Track Lab – the trackside analysis facility that accompanies the Scuderia Ferrari to every race through the season. Finally, they will experience the speed and power of a Ferrari GT car on track when they ride as passengers for a few ‘hot laps’ of the circuit picking up tips from some of best drivers in the world. The promotion will run till 31st August 2009.