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Skoda has confirmed they will phase out the Laura in the Indian market after the launch of the new Octavia. The Laura is nothing but a re-badged second generation Octavia. The Czech automaker launched the Laura in the Indian market in 2005 and changed the name of the second gen Octavia to Laura, as it continued to sell the first gen Octavia in India for 5-years after its global phase out. The Laura has been one of the best sellers for Skoda in India but the company will altogether discontinue it as it shifts complete focus on the third gen Octavia.

Skoda has already discontinued the vRS and TSI versions of the Laura, as we reported earlier this week. The company has stopped production of the diesel Laura and has commenced production of the new Octavia. This move of not selling the Laura and Octavia simultaneously is a good one as it means the new Octavia will be priced aggressively and not at a premium. The Laura is a fantastic car but Skoda has no place to position it as a price decrease would put it awfully close to the Rapid, Skoda’s current volume spinner.

Skoda does have quite a few diesel Lauras in stock which means you can bargain hard with dealers to get a mouth watering deal. Showrooms are likely to have the 140 BHP version of the Laura TDI lying with them and the vehicle is worth a buy at an attractive discount since it still offers excellent dynamics, space and features compared to its rivals. Not keeping the Laura on sale with a lower price post the introduction of the new Octavia means the Laura’s resale value will not be drastically affected post discontinuation.

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