2012 Tata Nano Range

We recently published news on Tata Nano announcing the launch of the Nano Merchandise online store on Ebay. The company has been focusing a lot to market its Nano. The world’s cheapest car had its own problems even before hitting the market. One of the major problems was the shifting of almost a near-complete plant in West Bengal due to protest by farmers. Being the cheapest car did bring it into the limelight and a created a huge demand too. But then, it did not take much time for the situation to reverse as the news was aired that the Nano cars caught fire.

The demand fell to a record low and to improve sales, Tata also offered lengthened warranties to four years or 60,000 kilometers (37,290 miles). In fact, the company offered 90 percent financing through its unit Tata Motors Finance Ltd. Ever since then, there have been offers and new plans were made to increase the sales of Nano. In fact, then came the upgraded versions too. Thus, Mr. Ratan Tata is now looking for yet another shot at bringing Nano to life.

Nano was rolled out when the team was not even ready to promote it in the ideal way. There was no proper advertising and promotional strategy made. In fact, the company did not even have a proper dedicated dealer network in 2009, when the sales of Nano began. The company must now come up with new features in the car and yet offer it at a competitive price if it wants to sustain and grow in the market. Already the company had introduced a new version of the hatchback that housed a more powerful engine. Upgrades and offers are the need of the hour for Tata Nano to resurrect its position.

Source – Bloomberg