Suzuki has managed to sell around 100 units of two of its superbikes in India for prices as high as Rs. 12.5 lakh each. The company is now planning to sell at least another 100 units of its two iconic super bikes, the Hayabusa and Intruder by the end of this fiscal. While Hayabusa is powered by a 1,340cc engine, Intruder is a 1,783cc bike. In contrast, Tata’s Rs. 1 lakh car Nano, for which 2.06 lakh people had made bookings, has a 623cc petrol engine.

“We have sold around 100 units of Hayabusa and Intruder in India since their launch in November, 2008. Our aim would be to sell another 100 units this fiscal,” Suzuki India Vice President (Sales & Marketing) Atul Gupta said.

Suzuki India has reported a 33.42% rise in its sales in June at 12,335 units compared with 9,245 units in the same month last year.