Suzuki Jimny Xiaomi Front
The scale model does well to capture the design of the real Suzuki Jimny

When Sony launched the Vision-S concept in the Consumer Electronic Show 2020, it was expected that more smartphone manufacturers will follow suit. Well, Xiaomi has, and unlike a concept, it can be bought by consumers, that too for 199 yuan (Rs. 2110/-).

As the price suggests, the car is not full scale, for Xiaomi has created a running scaled-down version of the Suzuki Jimny, a vehicle known for its capabilities off the beaten track despite its size. Also, the car is available for 179 yuan (Rs. 1,900) as long as the introductory price exists.

The Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny RC is in 1:16 scale and can be controlled via a person’s smartphone and all it takes is an application and Bluetooth to operate it. Xiaomi has managed to create the operable scale model with over 200 components, with the ladder frame made out of nylon material that is said to be shock proof.

There are miniature shocks and coil springs and the model even comes with off-road tyres, although how useful they would be on such a thing is something to be debated about.

Like the original, the Jimny scale model has four-wheel drive and can be steered by moving one’s smartphone around. The g sensor present on the digital servo in the car picks up the sudden manipulation and changes direction. What’s more, there are potential mods that are on the cards for the small Jimny.

As far as we can work out, there is a slight problem for Xiaomi when it comes to selling it in India. With anti-China sentiment running high in the nation due to the Ladakh face-off the two most populated countries had, Xiaomi might very well not bring the “car” here.

Suzuki Jimny RC

  • The 1:16 scale car is functional and can be operated using a smartphone
  • It is available for 199 Chinese Yuan (Rs. 2110/-)
  • Do not be hopeful about this Suzuki Jimny coming to India though
Suzuki Jimny Xiaomi
Introductory price of the Suzuki Jimny is at Rs. 1900 in Chinese money
Suzuki Jimny Xiaomi Top
The Bluetooth-operated model has over 200 components and mods are mooted too
It comes with off-road tyres
The Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny even comes with off-road tyres and four-wheel drive