Tata Motors is going to offer a ton of different accessories with the Hexa.

Tata Hexa Accessories
Lots of accessories for the exteriors and interiors on offer

The Tata Hexa is all set to be launched in India on 18th January 2017 and the list of accessories for the vehicle has been leaked ahead of its launch. Tata Motors will be offering a host of accessories for the SUV. Apart from standalone accessories, some accessory kits will also be offered.

Customers will be able to choose from Luxe, Tuff and Expedition kits. The Luxe kit comes with some chrome additions to the exteriors along with a illuminated Tata logo at the front. The Tuff kit will come extra body cladding, roof box, TPMS, etc. which will enhance the ruggedness of the car. The Expedition kit gets accessories which would be useful on long road trips.

Tata Hexa Accessories

– Luxe, Tuff and Expedition kits on offer
– The accessories seem to be priced attractively
– The Hexa will be launched on 18th January 2017

Tata Hexa Expedition Kit
The Expedition kit has useful accessories for road trips
Tata Hexa Expedition Accessories
The accessories seem to be priced competitively
Tata Hexa Luxe Kit
That Luxe kit makes the car look premium with chrome additions
Tata Hexa Luxe
Tata Motors knows that Indians love chrome
Tata Hexa Luxe Accessories
There are some really useful accessories which customers would definitely buy
Tata Hexa Tuff Kit
The Tuff kit increases the rugged quotient of the car
Tata Hexa Tuff
The accessory kits will be well-received by the customers