A test drive of the new Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet has really impressed us. Tata has come a long way and the new Vista is a major step in the right direction for Tata Motors.

Here are some important points about the New Indica Vista, the Quadrajet in particular (I have compared it to the Swift, since the Swift has set the benchmark in the diesel hatch segment) : –

  • The car uses the famed 1.3L Fiat Multijet engine, tuned by Tata for driveability. The gearbox is Fiat too.
  • The car looks good, and the new Indigo will be based on this Indica.
  • Interiors are good again and the central mounted instrument cluster is not much of a distraction.
  • Glove box is good enough to swallow a laptop. It even has slots for cards.
  • There is a tray to keep stuff below the front passenger seat, like the Chevrolet Optra.
  • Plastic Quality is still not great, but still much better then the previous Indica.
  • Rear Seats Fold and can be folded 60:40, a first in the segment.
  • Wheelbase has been increased and thus the rear legroom is the best in class, you don’t feel your siting in a hatch.
  • 3 weeks waiting for the Diesel.
  • Rs. 30,000/- difference between the base Aqua Diesel and Top End Aura Diesel making the Aura amazing value for money.
  • Aqua has only front two power windows.
  • No alloy wheels on any models as seen in the pictures.
  • Car comes with 175 width tires which give a good balance of ride and handling.
  • Rear Wiper and defogger in the Aura, another great feature missing in the Swift Diesel.
  • Rear View Mirrors weren’t the easiest to adjust.
  • AC is fantastic, cools instantly and chills, literally.
  • Steering is a tad heavy.
  • Ride is fantastic. Swift doesn’t come close.
  • Handling has improved but not as good as the Swift.
  • Braking is average and ABS could have helped matters.
  • ABS, Airbag model will be launched later.
  • Gearshift is smooth.
  • The 1.3L Quadrajet is very drivable and tractable but does not give you the kick in the pants feel that the Swift offers.
  • Quadrajet is slower to 100 then Swift, much slower, but you wouldn’t notice in day to day city driving.
  • Quadrajet not as fuel efficient as the Swift.
  • Built Quality is much better then the Swift, you don’t hear any rattling from the Indica Vista.

To sum up Tata has done a wonderful job on the Indica Vista and it does follow the tag line, they have taken a big leap from the previus car. The car has many features not seen in other cars in the segment and Tata has priced it very sanely, making it very much value for money and thus the pick in the segment by us.