We all are wondering about the Tata Nano’s performance but we need not worry anymore. Car Magazine got a ride in the most awaited Indian car ever and there is positive news.

Two cylinders, 624cc and 33bhp isn’t much. But unladen, this four-door, five-seat city car weighs just 600kg, so even with four adults aboard our prototype delivered sufficient acceleration to cope easily with city traffic. Ignore the likely 17-second 0-60mph time. By 60mph the Nano is running out of puff, but to 30mph or 40mph it feels far more competitive.

A 0 – 96 kmph time of 17 seconds is quite impressive for a car like the Nano with fuel efficiency figures around 25kmpl. CAR says that Tata engineers are working on a range of upgrades including airbags, anti-lock brakes, power steering, a more powerful 3-cylinder gasoline and diesel engine, and a 5-speed automatic gearbox.

CAR’s first ride in the Tata Nano felt far more significant and exciting than a first drive in a Ferrari or Lamborghini, because this car’s importance is immeasurably greater. It won’t compete on dynamics or quality with European or Japanese city cars, but it doesn’t have to.

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