Tata Punch Dark Edition Rendering
Tata’s Dark edition range should include the Punch too

The Tata Punch Camo rendering shows that the small crossover could pull it off too

Once Tata revealed the Punch mini crossover we could not help but wonder how the vehicle will look in the brand’s signature ‘Camo’ and ‘Dark’ editions.

Our rendering artist got to work immediately and created renderings of the Punch in several shades and in the Adventure Persona edition, which made its debut on the new generation Safari, as well.

Aimed at the youth, the Punch has been styled to look like a mini Harrier when viewed head-on. Naturally, the Dark and Camo editions suit the car rather well.

Camo Edition
Fully blacked wheels would suit the adventure-oriented models better

The Dark edition in particular works well thanks to the prominent body cladding the car has, in addition to the blacked pillars and dual tone alloy wheels.

On the other hand, the Tata Punch Camo rendering shows the car’s slightly rugged demeanour. Tata has said the Punch will be a fun car to drive on winding, rugged countryside vistas, after all.

But, it is the Adventure Persona edition that seems to suit the car the most of the lot. The teal colour with the blacked bits will make the Tata Punch stand out, if applied to the real deal, that is.

Tata Punch Adventure Persona Rendering
The Adventure Persona edition should be expanded like the Dark edition

We also wanted to see how the car will look in different shades, since Tata only revealed one picture of the Punch painted in a shade of Blue. So, the paint options were changed to Red (pictured), Orange (both with a white-coloured roof), Silver and White (with a black roof).

To be launched this festive season, the Punch will sit below the Nexon in the automaker’s portfolio and should have the market all to itself (the Mahindra KUV100 NXT has not sold well for ages) until the Hyundai Casper joins the fray.

Tata Punch Rendering
Do let us know if you would like to see the car in various other shades, for we will be happy to oblige