Maruti has played it well in the Indian car market by making most of its cars very fuel efficient, thus appealing to a lot of mileage conscious buyers.

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars India
As we can see, four Maruti vehicles dominate this all diesel list

At a time when the Indian auto industry is witnessing fierce competition among various manufacturers, everyone wants to move up the ladder when it comes to market share. The mass-market segments are the ones that generate the most sales every month and the top players in this segment are Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors and Honda. Maruti and Hyundai have an upper hand in the market thanks to their service network across the country. Buyers in these mass-market and entry-level segments are also looking for cheap running costs, i.e. better fuel efficiency.

Few years back, there was a time when Maruti Suzuki didn’t have even a single car that featured in the list of the most fuel efficient cars in the country. But, with passing time, the desi auto giant has moved up the ladder quite a bit and now the company has as many as four offerings that have made their way to the list of the top fuel efficient cars. Also, the top 3 most efficient cars in the country come from Maruti’s stable. Apart from being fuel efficient, vehicles from India’s largest car maker are also known to top the sales charts consistently.

We have also seen a lot of catchy advertisements from Maruti Suzuki, that have been appearing on radio as well as television and most of these ads always display the mileage in bold fonts and while the protagonists in these videos keep asking ‘Kitna deti hai?’. But, is this all we care about? Mileage? Well, to a very large extent, it is actually true. Unlike us enthusiasts who care about performance and dynamics, majority of the buyers in India give more attention to mileage and Maruti has constantly succeeded in satisfying this majority’s expectations.

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