A close look at the sales numbers of premium hatchbacks in December 2014 in India

Premium Hatchback Sales December 2014

After discussing small hatchback sales, we now move to premium hatchbacks. Premium hatchbacks are bigger hatchbacks that offer more space, more features, more comfort and in some cases, more power than small hatchbacks. Premium hatchbacks are so popular these days thanks to the combination of sedan-segment features and space along with compact dimensions.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the highest selling premium hatchback in India even though there is hardly anything premium about it. The Swift lacks rear seat space compared to rivals while it also lacks on boot capacity. It continues to sell in huge numbers partially because of Maruti’s huge service network in the country.

Hyundai recently launched the Elite i20 in India and this is what we call a true premium hatchback. Quality of components is better than the Swift but where the i20 really scores is the list of features that it comes with. It is a matter of time before the i20 comes closer to the Swift. The Volkswagen Polo is also a very capable car and recently got a lot of updates. Volkswagen now needs to focus on better after-sales and slightly lower maintenance costs.

Fiat sells the Punto, Punto Evo and Avventura in India. The Punto is an outdated model while the latter two were introduced only in 2014. These are great drivers’ cars but again let down by poor marketing, possibly lack of an efficient petrol mill and not to forget the ergonomic flaws. Tata Motors unveiled the Bolt hatchback which is leagues ahead of older Tata vehicles. The Bolt will be launched on 20th January but dealers started accepting bookings in December itself and the company started dispatches last month.

VW Polo vs Elite i20 vs Swift vs Punto Evo
Maruti is at an all time high while Hyundai is a close second