Ever wondered how certain automotive brand names are pronounced? We make it easier for you to pronounce few such names by getting the right way to speak them.

Pagani Huayra Side
The Pagani Huayra remains one of the most tough to pronounce names

With car manufacturers belonging to various regions of the world, names of brands also vary greatly. While it is easier to pronounce Indian, Japanese and Korean brand names, others seem difficult considering they were chosen according to the language of the home country. This leads to people pronouncing quite a few names in the wrong way which often leads to embarrassment in front of those who know the correct way. We thought of acquainting our readers with the right way to pronounce some brand names and save themselves from the embarrassment.

1) Porsche – The famous German sportscar and SUV maker has a name which stumps most of the people and makes them pronounce it wrongly. Most of them end up calling it Posch or Porshe. However, the correct way to pronounce it is ‘Por-sha’ in quick succession.

2) Volkswagen – A relatively more accessible brand for the Indian masses, this German auto giant has a name which people find great difficulty in pronouncing. Often pronounced as Volks-wagen, the actual pronunciation replaces the V with a F and makes it ‘Folks-wagen’.

3) Koenigsegg – Ever wondered how to pronounce this exotic Swedish hypercar manufacturer’s name? It is pronounced almost in the same way as it is written with the omission of the first e. Hence, it becomes ‘Ko-nig-seg’ with a bit of emphasis on the ending g.

4) Lancia – This can’t be tough to pronounce. It looks so simple. Lan-see-aa. Done. Actually the name isn’t pronounced that way. It is actually ‘Lan-cha’. Quite far from what it looks, right? We were amazed too.

5) Pagani Huayra – Whereas the name of the brand here is easy to pronounce, it’s the name of the car which sounds typical. No, it is not Hu-aai-rah. It is ‘Wai-rah’ which doesn’t even sound close to the name. But then that’s Italian naming for you. You must be knowing the way they name different colour options.

6) Renault – The first thing which comes to the mind when the name is seen is the Duster. Such has been the popularity of the compact SUV from the French brand. But most people mispronounce this name as well. It is pronounced as ‘Re-no’. The French automaker also ran a radio campaign in India to teach people how to pronounce their name properly (this was post the launch of the Fluence).

7) Peugeot – Another French brand with a tough to pronounce name is Peugeot. It made a brief entry into India with the Peugeot 309 years ago and is rumoured to be mulling a re-entry now. Before it comes back, let’s look at the correct way to pronounce it which is ‘Poo-jsho’.

8) Chevrolet – Ok so this name can’t be mispronounced, right? Wrong. Many people pronounce it as Shev-Roulette. However the actual pronunciation of the American brand name is ‘Shev-ro-lay’.

Peugeot 308 COTY
Peugeot (Poo-jsho) is mulling a re-entry into the Indian market in the near future