TVS Apache RTR 310 Side

TVS organised a special service camp to address these issues

TVS Motor Company has rolled out an update for its Apache RTR 310, addressing specific issues related to vibrations and throttle lag. This update was rolled out during the Carecraft camp, a specialised service camp organised by TVS.

The Apache RTR 310, a naked version of the RR 310, shares its underpinnings with the BMW G 310 R. Owners of the RTR 310 had reported issues such as handlebar and seat vibrations, as well as a delay in engine RPM drop when rolling off the throttle. Additionally, some users experienced random shutdowns of the Quickshifter.

At the Carecraft camp, TVS implemented several measures to tackle these problems. Seat cushions and the foam on the fuel tank were replaced to reduce vibrations. The stock handlebar damper was swapped out for a slightly heavier one, enhancing vibration absorption.

A key aspect of the update was an ECU software upgrade aimed at eliminating the throttle lag and improving overall throttle response. The routing of the Quickshifter cable was also adjusted and aftermarket knuckle guards were removed as they were found to partially press the clutch lever, leading to Quickshifter malfunctions.

The TVS Apache RTR 310 is equipped with a 312.12cc, single-cylinder engine, producing 35.11 BHP at 9700 RPM and 28.7 Nm of torque at 6650 RPM. This engine is paired with a 6-speed gearbox and features a bi-directional Quickshifter.

These updates reflect TVS’s commitment to refining the riding experience and addressing customer feedback promptly. With these improvements, the Apache RTR 310 aims to offer a smoother and more responsive ride for its users.

If you are having such issues with your bike, contact your dealership or the nearest TVS authorised service centre to get it rectified.

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