Volkswagen is recalling units of the Vento diesel manual to fix an emissions-related issue and till then sales of new Vento vehicles have also been stopped.

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3877 units of the Vento 1.5-litre TDI diesel have been affected by the recall

A storm was raised when Volkswagen’s emission scandal broke out in the open last year. A lot of enquiries were conducted worldwide and even in India, people started raising a lot of questions. ARAI started re-testing Volkswagen cars too and the company claimed that their cars were following the emission standards set in India.

Volkswagen is now recalling 3877 units of the Vento for exceeding the threshold limits set by the ARAI for its Conformity of Production tests. These Vento units which are being recalled are the ones that come powered by the 1.5-litre TDI diesel engine. Volkswagen is only recalling those cars that come with the regular 5-speed manual transmission.

The German automaker will not be recalling the Vento units that come with the combination of the TDI engine and the DSG automatic gearbox. In addition to this, the automaker is also suspending sales of the Vento diesel manual variants with immediate effect. Engineers from Volkswagen are finding a solution to this issue and they will propose it to the ARAI. Once the solution is implemented, sales of the vehicle will resume.

Volkswagen claims that this emissions issue is not related to the global emissions scandal. The firm has also stated that they will fix the existing affected cars at the earliest and every other Volkswagen car plying on our roads is safe and roadworthy. The company also states that all the other diesel vehicles from the stable will continue to be produced and sold in India.

Volkswagen Recalls Vento

– The Vento diesel has been recalled due to inconsistencies in emissions
– Volkswagen will work in conjunction with the ARAI to find a solution
– Sales of the Vento have been suspended till a solution is found

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Sales of the Vento diesel will resume after Volkswagen finds a solution to the issue