Volvo EX30 Side

Volvo plans to launch new EV in India every year

Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo has officially announced that its smallest electric vehicle yet, the EX30, will be introduced to the Indian market in 2025. The confirmation came from Martin Persson, Head of Volvo Cars for Asia Pacific. Persson highlighted the EX30’s sustainability, noting its significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to other models. He expressed confidence that the vehicle would attract environmentally conscious consumers.

The EX30 is a technologically advanced car, drawing design and feature inspiration from its larger counterpart, the EX90. Internationally, the EX30 is available with two battery options. The first option is a 51 kWh battery using LFP chemistry cells, which offers a claimed range of 344 km. The second option is a 69 kWh battery with NMC cells, promising a range of up to 480 km according to the WLTP cycle.

Volvo has also confirmed that the EX90 will follow the EX30 in the Indian market. Persson elaborated on Volvo’s strategy, stating, “We have a very clear strategy to launch one new BEV product every year. The next two are SUVs, but further down the line, there could be other body types.” He also projected faster growth for the Indian market compared to the rest of the region, predicting quicker electrification in the premium segment over the mass market.

Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director of Volvo Cars India, added, “More than one-fourth of the portfolio that we sell in India is fully electric. I’m sure the EX30 will help us expand further. It’s a new segment that we’re going to enter with this car.”

Currently, Volvo sells two electric cars in India, the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge. According to the new nomenclature adopted by the company, these models will soon be renamed EX40 and EC40, respectively. Volvo recently celebrated the milestone of delivering 1000 electric cars in the Indian market.

This move aligns with Volvo’s broader goal of promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, reinforcing its commitment to expanding its electric vehicle offerings in India and beyond.

Volvo EX30 Interior
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Volvo EX30
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