Traffic Rules In Lockdown
Driving in the wrong lane is quite common during early mornings

Traffic Rules In Lockdown

I am back with another rant. I really can’t help it. I know the long lockdown has been really challenging and difficult for a lot of people. I’ve seen people change for the good (or for the bad) and the general environment has been quite unusual over the past few months. Now that the restrictions have started easing up a bit, people are longing to get out of their homes and I’ve noticed this over the past couple of weeks that these days there are a lot more people who are flouting traffic rules, compared to the pre-lockdown era.

We all know that most of the policemen are engrossed with Covid-19 duty and roads are also relatively emptier these days but that doesn’t mean citizens get a leeway with traffic rules. There are so many people who’re driving haphazardly, so many cars parked in a shabby manner on streets, so many drivers not caring two hoots about traffic signals and I can go on.

I don’t understand why people think that just because the roads are empty, they’re free to not follow any rules. I’m not saying that our citizens were 100% law abiding before the Covid era but the situation was relatively better. Nowadays, people have this impression in their minds that the roads are empty so they speed up however they want and change lanes whenever they want, without indicators.

We are going through a pandemic and the least we can do is behave in a civil manner not just while driving but in all aspects of day to day life to avoid adding to the woes of other citizens as well as the authorities. Let’s get past the mentality that we can get away with breaking traffic rules just because the cops are busy with something else and there are less cars on the road.

The Covid-19 pandemic will definitely get over within a few months (hopefully) but the pandemic of not following traffic rules will keep haunting us for much longer. Let me know what are your thoughts on this, and whether such a scenario is happening in other cities or not, in the comments below.

Traffic Rules In Lockdown
These days it is difficult to come across so much traffic though