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Tata Motors is quite a big company, offering a wide range of products ranging from cars to trucks and buses. The company owns British brands Jaguar and Land Rover and has an aggressive product strategy for the near future. Recently the company announced 8 product updates as part of its HORIZONEXT strategy. We were present at the event and glanced through all the brochures. One thing struck us, some Tata cars come with different warranty schemes. Almost all manufacturers offer a single standard warranty period for all its cars (cars of UVs). However for Tata Motors, some cars come with different warranty periods.

  • Tata Nano – 4-years/60,000 kms
  • Tata Indica – 2-years/75,000 kms
  • Tata Indigo – 2-years/75,000 kms
  • Tata Venture – 2-years/75,000 kms
  • Tata Vista – 2-years/75,000 kms
  • Tata Manza – 2-years/75,000 kms
  • Tata Sumo – 3-years/1,00,000 kms
  • Tata Grande – 3-years/1,00,000 kms
  • Tata Xenon – 2-year/75,000 kms
  • Tata Safari – 2-years/75,000 kms
  • Tata Storme – 3-years/1,00,000 kms
  • Tata Aria – 3-years/1,00,000 kms

Now you can see above that most Tata cars come with 2-years/75,000 kms warranty while most utility vehicles come with 3-years/1-lakh kms warranty. The Nano has a higher warranty in terms of years but lower in terms of kms, which is understandable considering a typical Nano buyer won’t be covering much distance. Also Tata Motors wants to build confidence in the product and hence offers a longer warranty period on the Nano.

Tata Motors divides its car business into two categories – passenger cars and utility vehicles (consists of the Sumo, Safari, Xenon and Aria). Maybe the company offers 3-years/1,00,000 kms warranty on all its utility products but hasn’t updated the same on its brochure yet? That said, shouldn’t Tata Motors offer the same 3-years/1,00,000 kms warranty on its cars too? The company does offer the option of extending the warranty period to 4 years.

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