Ford has adopted 1500cc engines for the new 2011 Fiesta. This makes us speculate whether the Figo could make do with these new powertrains. Since the launch of the Figo last year, enthusiasts have been crying loud for a 1.6 liter Figo. Ford even exports 1.6 AT versions of its popular small car to South Africa. So what is stopping them to launch it in India? Pricing, as the 1.6 liter petrol Figo would attract duties similar to those of larger cars. But now since Ford has started producing 1.5 liter diesel engines for the new Fiesta, could the company strap them on the Figo? This would make high economic sense as well. Or Ford could just have a limited edition run of these variants to gauge customer response. Imagine the Figo diesel having 90hp of power and 204Nm of torque. Factor in the 23.5 kmpl mileage on the Fiesta and the lighter Figo is bound to give more. Do you want a more powerful Figo anytime soon?