Though there is yet to be a Bugatti Veyron on Indian roads, US based Shelby Super Car (SSC) is planning to arrive in the country in grand style with the Ultimate Aero which happens to be the world’s fastest car capable of reaching speeds in excess of 410kmph (413kmph, 257mph to be precise). Yes you read that right FOUR HUNDRED AND TEN KILOMETERS PER HOUR. Thats half the speed of a jetliner cruising at 30,000ft. The supercar will be the costliest car in India with a price tag of over Rs. 6 crore.

SSC has decided to launch the supercar in Mumbai in the next few months and follow it up with a Delhi launch. India will be the third market where the car is sold after the US and Russia. The Ultimate Aero costs $654,400 (around Rs. 3 crore) in the US. However since the company is getting the vehicle as CBU it will attract 100% import duty. Mercedes-Benz’ Maybach which sells for Rs. 5 crore is currently the costliest car sold in India. Shelby expects to sell a few dozen of Aeros in India every year.

But what makes the Aero so fast that it reaches 0-100kmph in 2.9 seconds? A fuel injected 6.35L twin-turbo V8 engine running at 14PSI of boost and producing 1147hp of power at 6950rpm and 1113NM of torque at 6200rpm. All this on 91 octane fuel. The car is built of lightweight titanium and carbon fibre material to minimise weight. The Aero also comes with a host of luxury features including customised supple leather seats and suede interior, multi-speaker music system, on-board video and DVD screen, automatic back-up camera, navigational backup, power windows and mirrors. But who needs all that when you have a nuclear reaction happening under the hood!!