Does the Yamaha FZ25 have what it takes to beat the TVS Apache 200?

Yamaha FZ25 Warrior White
The FZ25 will have better acceleration & top speed compared to the Apache 200

Almost a year back, TVS launched the Apache 200 after the endless wait for Apache fans who were looking to upgrade from their 160 or 180 since long. Now, Yamaha has launched the FZ25 and the feeling has been similar for FZ owners who have been tirelessly riding their underpowered 150cc bikes. Alright, underpowered is a harsh word here but the FZ is the slowest bike in its segment (takes 20.4 seconds to do 0-100 km/hr) with the Suzuki Gixxer and Honda CB Hornet 160R being faster.

The Yamaha FZ25 and TVS Apache 200 are similar bikes in many ways. Both produce similar power and are tuned for city performance rather than outright acceleration on the highway. Even their engine hardware is similar (air-cooled with oil cooler and 5-speed gearbox), the Yamaha being higher on displacement with fuel injection being standard while the same is optional on the Apache 200. Sadly Yamaha still uses 2-valves while TVS has opted for 4-valves for the Apache 200.

Almost 21 PS of power for both these bikes (considering FI for the Apache 200) while the Yamaha FZ25 gets segment best torque output of 20 Nm, that peaks 1000 RPM before the Apache 200’s 18.1 Nm. There is no denying, the FZ25 will be faster than the Apache 200 in outright acceleration, likely beating it in both 0-100 km/hr and top speed.

The Yamaha FZ25 will be more frugal than the Apache 200 and with a 2-litre bigger tank, it will offer a higher touring range too. Refinement wise too, the FZ25 comes out on top with its refined motor. Where the FZ25 doesn’t stand a chance in front of the Apache 200 is the console, the unit on the Yamaha misses out on a gear position indicator and the various timers offered on the TVS, it does get the unique fuel consumption indicator.

In terms of quality, Yamaha doesn’t have much of an advantage as TVS does a fine job with fit-finish on its bikes. When talking ride and handling of these bikes (the FZ25 has bigger tyres and these bikes almost weigh the same), it’s close to impossible to decide a winner without getting astride the Yamaha but that said, we expect them to be very evenly matched as both companies tend to offer a good ride without compromising on the ride quality. Braking performance too is likely to be similar but the Apache 200 gets optional ABS. Sadly Yamaha thinks front and rear discs are enough to do the job on the FZ25.

Price wise too, there isn’t much to differentiate between these bikes but for the Rs. 1.195 lakhs that Yamaha wants for the FZ25, one can get an Apache 200 with ABS and Pirelli tyres. If TVS has taught us something, it’s that paper figures can’t decide the fate of a product so before we jump to conclusions, let’s just hope that Yamaha has made a motorcycle which carries the FZ DNA of fun and practicality.

Yamaha FZ25 vs TVS Apache 200

– The FZ25 will be quicker than the Apache 200
– FZ25 gets 2 valves while Apache 200 uses 4
– FZ25 will be more frugal than the Apache 200

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V White
The TVS Apache 200 gets a better instrument console