Yamaha R15.jpgYamaha has launched the much hyped R15 today. The specs seems a little disappointing on paper, with 17PS and a pricing of 1 Lac plus. But wait, dont rule this Yamaha out yet, because it will perform. I am pretty sure once you test ride the bike you will be blown away by the performance. Not only is it faster then other bikes sold in the country (thanks to it being light), it also handles way better thanks to technology of the R series.

This bike has some technology (many of it being a first for a bike in India), full fairing, 6 gears, wind tunnel tested, deltabox frame, liquid cooled, fuel ignition, monoshock suspension, sticky tires, rear discs, clip on handle bars. To read more about the technology, check this. Yamaha says it will do 140km/h with a 60kg rider, which isint a tall order for this bike. Still if the bhp figure doesnt console you then look at it this way “For around Rs. 20000 more then the Pulsar 220, you will get better reliability and quality which translates to better peace of mind”

Test ride review soon.