Yamaha SZ-R - Click above for picture gallery

The Yamaha SZ-R is a made for India bike in the true sense. Firstly Yamaha has priced this 150cc very aggressively at Rs. 63,000/- (on-road, Mumbai) which keeps it in the reach of many. Also since it uses the same engine as the FZ series bikes (with a slight detune), the performance is good in the city and decent on the highways. The SZ has a few features which really suggests that Yamaha has done its homework. The bike features chain guard, foot rest for pillion, wind visor and a 14 liter fuel tank (the FZ has a 12 liter fuel tank) which is a must for Indian conditions. The SZ-R also features front disc brakes and tachometer, which was sorely missed on the SZ-X.