Zaiser Electrocycle Side
The long wheelbase gives away the fact that it is made for American roads

Here we have the Zaiser Electrocycle, an electric bike that has a 483 km range, over 190 km/hr top speed and twin-hub motors.

For once we can stoutly say that there is a motorcycle that does not look like anything else currently on sale in the market.

However, despite the Colorado-based startup having spent 2 years designing the Electrocycle, it some how does not look proportional.

It has plenty of classic motorcycle design elements like the circular headlamp, teardrop fuel tank and flat seat, while the rear section of the electrocycle seems inspired by bagger models.

The 3-step tail lamp cluster of the EV is a unique piece, much like the large digital instrument display. Although the bike rides on alloy wheels, due to the styling of its rear profile, the back wheel looks pretty narrow.

With a 17.3 kWh swappable battery pack, the motorcycle is sure to be heavy. However, that does not mean it would be a slouch. Zaiser Motors claim the 2-wheel drive bike can do the 0-100 km/hr sprint in 3.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 193 km/hr.

But, the biggest selling point, when the bike goes on sale in the USA later this year or by early 2022, would be the fact that it can travel a claimed 483 km (300 miles) before its battery needs recharging.

Since it is pretty nippy and can travel a long distance, the Zaiser Electrocycle has been given twin discs at the front and a single rear disc to provide the stopping power.

That is not all either. The Electrocycle is set to come with features like auto stabilisation, regenerative braking, traction control, proximity sensors and an intriguing wearable interconnectivity system.

Digital Instrument Cluster
Now, that is a cool instrument display
Zaiser Electrocycle Rear
The can travel close to 500 km on a single charge
Zaiser Electrocycle
Zaiser Motors states the entire bike will be built to be recyclable