Maruti has launched a limited edition version of the Zen Estilo. The new version is called the sports and Maruti advertises it saying that it comes with striking sporty graphics, spacious interiors, upholdstered in a new sporty fabric, pulsating powerful music system, designer dashboard and a host of other exciting features. The sports is priced at Rs. 3.84 lacs ex showroom and is positioned between the LXi and VXi. Basically Maruti has enhanced the LXi.

However we are not so sure of what Maruti is thinking. How can the sports have more space? Did they extend the wheelbase? Well no, this is all marketting gimmick. The Estilo is the previous generation Wagon R and when the competition is such that the current generation Wagon R is struggling to sell how will the Estilo sell? Well it simply won’t.