Zero Motorcycles SRS
The US-Based electric bikes will be manufactured in India

Zero Electric India launch soon, to be made locally

Hero MotoCorp has joined forces with California-based electric vehicle maker, Zero Motorcycles. The partnership, initiated in September 2022 with a $60 million investment by Hero MotoCorp, was initially aimed at sourcing technology for electric motorcycles.

However, the collaboration has now evolved to include the introduction of Zero’s range of electric bikes in India, with plans to manufacture them within the country. As part of its strategy to venture into the premium segment, Hero MotoCorp recently launched the world’s smallest Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The Indian two-wheeler maker now aims to give its brand an additional premium push with the introduction of Zero’s electric motorcycles into the Indian market. This move comes as Hero MotoCorp recognises the urgent need to focus on the electrification of the motorcycle space, given that one out of every seven two-wheelers sold in India is a motorcycle, and almost every second unit sold is manufactured by Hero MotoCorp.

Zero Motorcycles is renowned for its expertise in developing powertrains and electric motorcycles. The brand offers a wide range of electric bikes that are tailored for street riding, sports, adventure and off-roading. In its home market, products are priced between $13,000 (Rs. 10.6 lakhs) to $24,000 (Rs. 19.6 lakhs).

One of Zero’s motorcycles, the SR/S, boasts a top speed of 200 km/hr, a city range of 300 km on a full charge, and can be rapidly charged to 95% in one hour.

While the electric scooter segment in India has seen some growth and innovation, the motorcycle space has been relatively untouched by electric mobility, with only a few companies, mainly startups, venturing into this area. By joining hands with Zero, Hero MotoCorp aims to leverage its manufacturing, sourcing and marketing capabilities to make electric motorcycles accessible to a larger Indian and global audience.

Hero MotoCorp has encountered challenges with the rollout of its Vida range of electric scooters. They made its debut in Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru but the company faced delays in expanding to additional cities. However, with the advanced collaboration with Zero Motorcycles, Hero MotoCorp hopes to overcome previous hurdles and streamline the launch and distribution of electric motorcycles across the country.