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Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220

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Modified Pulsar 220.jpgThis Pulsar 220 was originally red in colour. But the owner went ahead and modified it a bit. As you can see, it now has a custom paint job in white, graphics, full fairing, R6 model number plate holder, a black theme with the wheels and engine painted, and the kind of gold disks you usually find on superbikes. All this cost Rs. 25,000. We honestly feel the R15 would be better, but then when the owner modified this, there was no R15 around. What do you think of this bike, please let us know by leaving your comments below.

Full fairing pulsar 220.jpgBajaj Pulsar 220.jpgPulsar 220.jpgWhite Pulsar 220.jpg

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  • Salman

    its gr8 dude……. please give ur contact number i need this modification …………………..plz

  • Ashish

    Send me the contact number who modified this bike.

  • fas

    Ashish i don’t know who has done the mods on the bike but the owner is a member of xbhp.

  • vishal

    plz plz plz plz send me number of who modifid this bike i have a 220 i want to modifid my bike

  • fas

    Vishal you can get the mods done at any body kit or bike shop.

  • selvam

    wonderful bike.

  • tarush

    boss, m wordless…
    u r mindblowing….
    do not encrypt urself if u do have such imaginations….
    could u plz hlp me to create ma bike as similar 2 urs…???

    i wud be really thnkfull if u do so…

  • too goddy, the paint job n graphixx cud’ve been better..

  • deep

    Is is a superb mofication never seen before for pulsar 220…….. please give a contact of this modifier.. i also want modified my pulsar 220

  • fas

    I am not aware of the modifier but you can get your bike modified similarly at any body kit shop.

  • Jeeshan

    A half fairing looks good.

  • if that bike was on sale here in MX, i’d pay 5000 or 6000 USD for it… i do like Bajaj

  • goutham

    hey dude its really awesome
    pls let me know where do we have such modification garage

  • fas

    Goutham you can go to any bike modification shop and they should be able to do such modifications.

  • karan

    sexy bike dude…i dint knw when i saw yr bike before in kuruchikupam street…in the beginning i loved it too..awesome porting and modification man..thumbs up(Y)…and now since uve made it a UNIQUE EDITION cheers man!


    hi dude u live in baddi na . i have seen u there .i also live in baddi .
    mujhe yeh batao aapne yeh modification khan se karwai

  • i like this bike very much kash……… ki yeh mere pas hati . itni mast bike kash mere pas hoti

  • ahad ali

    please, anybody can suggest me where it can be modify like this.

  • fas

    Ahad Ali you can get similar modifications done at any bike shop or modifiers shop.

  • bikesh

    my num is 9779841970527 all u need is to call me and ask

  • mamdhoon

    hey buddy i wud like to make my tvs apache body kit can u give a hint

  • fas

    Mamdhoon just go to a bike shop and they will give you load of ideas. I think TVS also has some kits with them.

  • Srujan

    Hey the bike is gr8 and it looks as a sportbike.Can u plz tell me the number of the owner or the person who modified this bike.I want to modifiy my pulsar 220.Plz say the number and the place where they will modify.BYe

  • giantech

    if you change the nitrox with monoshock, it will be much better.

  • sanket

    too much grafics!!!!should hav given bold even lines from front to back!!only the grafix part is **** all!!paint job is exellent..

  • karthik

    hey iam karthik this modification is great but u should have done it mono spring then it will be great bcoz ur using an yamaha r6 number plateholder ithink u should have made it mono shock then no wordy 4 that bike 1ce reply me so that i can also learn some more by the way i have an slvr220

  • ravi

    srsly man wht a bike…i dnt have word wht to say…

    too awsum man …

  • this is the best pulsar mod i have seen. everything is perfect well almost, I would have gone for black paint job.
    other than that, its a perfect bike.

  • Polpot

    But i guess he could lower the front suspension a bit, that way the bike will look much more dense, bigger so to speak…
    I love it!!


    Nice i love Bikes definately its my Dream to buy one R1 yamaha one day but this is also very Nice the R15 which yamaha has lauched is a good bike but we all know the the tyres are very small and for the reason the bike has lost its look fz 16 is also a nice bike can be modified like R 1 WHERE THE COST WILL GO UPTO 45000/-


  • mahesh

    this is the best pulsar mod i have seen. everything is perfect well Send me the contact number who modified this bike.i too modified my bike like this in red colour and send your contact number to

  • fas

    Mahesh, I don’t have the number of the person who modified it. However you can get similar modifications done by any modifier.

  • ravi

    this modification can be done by anybody. Nothings so great, just bought an engine cover & a rear mudguard &fitted it on the bike .a simple mod.

  • Anil

    cooooooooool dude.very nice mod to a pulsar

  • Nihal

    Dude the bike looks awesome…but as couple of people have suggested that mono shocks would look really cool on it ..N the white color for sportbike is not happening should have tried some killer colour..anyways the bike looks really cool.have u tried any mod in the engine …

  • Aaron Cardoz

    The mods really look good, have changed the complete look of the bike…awesome work!

  • Ab

    sucks to the core!!!!

    its not a water-cooled engine…….. adding a fairing is a disadvantage!!!!

  • SaMi

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wasted money in doing such a faltooo thing

  • SaMi

    rupa ke underware ko jokey ka strap laga ne se rupa jokey nahi ban sakti

  • sharath

    hai it was so cool,and i dont believe my eyes yet.please tell me your contact no. so i can also modify my pulsar 220 .hope you can give the no.

  • fas

    Sharath, I don’t know the number of the guy but you can get similar mod done by your local bike modifier. Just show him the pics.

  • manmols

    no replacement for displacement guys… its just a cosmetic mod… nothing great about it…

  • raj

    i want some tips about modifying my pulsar 150

  • fas

    Raj, what mods are you looking to do? Cosmetic or performance?

  • Abhi

    hey guys….. i own a blue pulsar 200….. i’m wanna improve the performance of bike… plz suggest the modifications tat can be carried out to do so…..

  • fas

    Abhi, get a KnN filter and upjetting done, you will see marginal improvements in performance.

  • karmjot

    Hi dude,
    The bike is ossom. I own a 220 in silver colour and wanted to do such modification. I will surely contact the body shop owners near my place for such mod. Or else i will go nagpur for this modification. In some days my 220’s pic will be there beside yours.

  • Abhi

    thanx FAS…. can any more improvements be done……..???

  • fas

    Abhi, there is no limit to mods, it depends on your budget and what performance are you looking at. You can remove the catcon, re-program the ECU (not easy), modify the exhaust and the likes.

  • Abhi

    ECU’ll be in bikes havin Fuel injection rite……. P200 is a carburetted one…. can this b done………. and the budgets around 15-20k……

  • fas

    Yup ECU is for FI. I thought you have a P220. For P200, you can get a air filter, free flow exhaust and upjetting done. Will give you quite a healthy boost. You can also port and polish the engine.

  • Abhi

    wat does polishin the engine mean?
    is it cosmetic?

  • fas

    No, its not cosmetic. The engine is opened up and ported and polished from the inside. Thus the bike will drink more fuel but will perform better.

  • biswajit

    i think origin was better by da way r15 rules

  • sandes

    it luks gud but got engine gets heated fast when just covering d body

  • sameer

    cost of pulsar 220 modified

  • fas

    Sameer, cost of the modification is around 25,000/-

  • rahul

    hi dear brother but mai ye kahana chahat hu ki maine 150 ko 220 ka rup diya or ab mai ese kya ful kawar krwa lu ya nahi plz answer tell me like ur younger brother

    • aryan

      Add a comment…mujhe apni bike pulsar 150 modif pulsar 220 mai karani hai kitne price hai. My mobile no. 8507538656

  • fas

    Rahul, you mean the fairing? Well a aftermarket fairing is not recommended as it will cause the engine to heat.


    ha dear maine 150 ko 220 banai hai or ab mai uske engine per fairing lagane se engine per heat ke alawa kya asar padega or mai delhi aa raha hu i m from jaipur plz tell me your contect no and fairing cost only under cover of 220 engine cover
    muje 093 51 53 54 55 es no per msg kar apka no bata dena plz plz ok by by or thanks for give me ur useful ideas

  • fas

    Rahul, I don’t sell these fairings, nor am I located in Delhi. However you can source them from any bike modifier. You need to get one custom designed for the Pulsar.

  • lax

    yamaha r15 really sukz in design wem compared 2 tis…
    tis design is flawless !!!

  • hayeki

    the bike sucks and the og would look better any day !!!!! lax you cant afford the r15 face it…. ja daddy ka cd 100 chala !!!!!

  • Jacob

    Fas, i wud say a good job done on the pulsar. But to this persona hayeki- dont be jerk , if u dont know how to appreciate, just shut …. up and keep quiet. I think u catn even ride a CD100. FAS hats off to you for not copying . but making it your own way. i would suggest you lower the front fork/shocks to give it a hep look ..well this can give you the BMW africa look but i wud suggest the lowering and the rear number plate to go up the mud flap.. rest everythign looks good -congrats and keep up the good work

  • fas

    Jacob, that is not my bike. That is owned by a xbhpian. BTW did you see this

  • ar7365

    for ur kind info. pulsar 220-fi has the worst fi system. R15 is the king of bikes. It has the best air intake, aerodynamics and its the best performer when compared to 220…. i own pulsar 220. but it suks. R15 rocks……

  • rahul

    hi goodmorning dear n tell me pulsar 220 engine fairing cost and where does it i purchase rply soon

  • fas

    Rahul, the fairing is of the R15s, I think so and costs around Rs. 5000/-

  • sam

    Can anyone tell me whether i can use p220 fairing for p150?wht is its cost?

  • henry

    Hi, its a nice looking fairing. Can someone give me details on where i can buy the fairing? thank you

    • fas

      Henry, you can get it at any Yamaha service center.

  • hello frndz, i am ashish 4m chandigarh. actually i hv pulsar 220 red color nd i want to get it covered as in ur bike fas. so, can u plz tell me hw much expenditure wud b der 4 dat nd 4m wer i shud get it modified? do u knw ny place in chd or mohali??? nd plz msg or call me at my no.- 9464544494….

    • fas

      Ashish, the above bike is not my bike. However you can get similar modifications done to your bike. It will cost you around Rs. 25,000/- You can source the parts from any bike accessory dealer.

  • Sai Karthik

    This is a marvellous job,i am goin to copy this ;)

  • percy

    tell me pulsar 220dtsi engine fairing cost and where do i purchase it from reply soon

    thanking you percy

    • fas

      Percy, it costs around Rs. 5000/- You can purchase it from Bajaj showroom.

  • Sinister

    I have a new Pulsar 220 DTSi. I want an engine cowl for my new pulsar, as i feel that the cowl will add to my bike’s style quotient.

    I am aware that it may cause engine cooling problems (air flow disturbances), but the engine is oil cooled, so the problem wouldn’t be as much n i dont usually travel long distances.

    Also, i would me aware of the air flow around the engine while selecting the cowl design.

    I live in Ahmedabad/Baroda (Gujarat), so i need someone to get me a cowl, i can travel to Bombay if needed.

    Kindly advice..

    Thanx a lot.

    • fas

      Sinister, not worth getting a cowl but if you want to you can try to get it custom made. Just go to your bike mechanic and ask him to do so and he will do it for you. You don’t have to travel to Mumbai for that.

  • vivek

    I have a pulsar 150cc bikes and i want to upgrade its performance as 220 cc bikes plese help me …….

    • fas

      Vivek, you can add KnN filter, upjet and add a free flow exhaust but its difficult to reach performance of a 220cc bike.

    • Vatsal mapara

      The bike was fabulous nice modifcation

  • hi bro.. i own a 150 dtsi.. and want to modify my bike by changing my front dome with a 220 dome.. so can u tell me how much will it cost and wr can i get it done in bangalore .. pls reply fast..

    • fas

      Robinson, its not as easy as we think it is. It will cost around Rs. 10,000/- and you can get it done at Bajaj itself.

  • Nichu

    fas i want to do like dis.i own a p220dtsi.if i put this engine cover ll it affect my engine by overheating????????ll it affect the millege???????

    • fas

      Nichu, yes it will affect as the bike wont get sufficient cooling as the bike is air cooled.

  • Harsh

    can you plz tell me the screen name of the xbhpian who owns this bike

    • fas

      Harsh, I am sorry but I don’t know the name. The pictures were posted on xbhp long time back.

  • Rahul

    Hey Mr. Fas i have the old achiever…. this is really good and have a really good pick up….can you suggest me that how can i change the look of my bike…..i want to modify it like a rock….no money bar…can you suggest me plz…and also tell me that can i upgrade my cc which is 150 now…..thanx

    • fas

      Rahul, you can upjet your bike for more power an also add graphics, LED and stuff to make your bike a rockstar.

  • jatin

    awsme man its da best ever modification i hav ever seen nice paint job !!!!


  • sudar

    This bike is awesome….i just now got a new pulsar 220….wow thnx for the idea…..

  • yuvraj singh

    dude plz tell me where i can get my pulsar 220 dts-i done wid dis astonishing looks??plz tell me

    • fas

      Yuvray, you need a mechanic. Everything else is DIY.

  • azzy

    Man this is amazing, i want my bike to get like this in black . . . can u help me doin this??????

  • tarun

    hey nas i wanted to know can i get my pulsar 220 dts i into that white monster and from where and what will be its cost i dont need that no plate

    • fas

      Tarun, you can get the mods done by any bike modifier.

  • tarun

    mine is new 220 dts i will it suffer cooling problems if i make it like that white beast as it is air cooled & mixture of oil cooled something because on the bike it is written oil cooled

    • fas

      Tarun, the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi was oil cooled but adding a custom fairing is not a good idea.

  • Binga

    I don’t think this bike is in India…after you see the backgrounds n stuff

  • brijen

    were can I order or get that fairing …. or their are many other fairing ……








  • Anniyan

    please, someone tell me, what is the cost of that FAIRING alone, and tell me if it available in chennai or coimbatore

  • kumaresh

    very very beautiful how mach rate

  • this is a master piece. loved the look and the colour blend….

  • Khalid khan

    it was awesome yaar
    i had never seen it before like that
    its engine cover and number plate is great

  • renga

    really it is a great idea for bajaj to try this.

  • Tarun

    Hey great work done…

    very nice graphics… realy love the way it has been done.

  • Ash

    amazing!! just amazing!! i liked the color theme!! good job!! hope u can do it for d old Karizma also !!



    I WANT IT.

  • I like Sporty graphics better than this ….

  • Wasim

    its beautful but stil it needs to change its height and length…

  • gopal

    so many people have asked for the price n all, who r u dat cant even reply……………

  • fas

    Gopal, please refrain for abusing. As far as the price is concerned, it has been mentioned thousands of times over here and most importantly in the post itself. So please read carefully before blaming others.

  • gopal

    I have read the price but my question is where can we get this.

    • fas

      Gopal, you don’t need to get this. You need to make this. You need a mechanic and then you need to source the parts required for carrying out the modifications.

  • ganesh

    My Pondicherry bike, wow

  • naitik

    hei dud plz contact me i too have a pulsar
    and wanna modify lik tht
    my number is 09773398041
    naitik jogani
    and wht was the cost of modification

  • Adish jain






  • jalaj

    hey fas, i wanted some cosmetic mods done to my bike, where can i get it done in jaipur, or atleast wat kind of shop, i mean the showroom or garage, wat kind of garage, plz also name a few garages in bombay…… thanks

    • fas

      Jalaj, any bike guy can do the mods for you or a bike garage. In Mumbai, you can check out near Milan subway.

  • sushil

    hey guys this byk is just awesome

    i wanna know where this byk belongs to…

    and where it has been modified???

    let me know

  • Awesome Good…. Superb Hey Fas I Really like that Back Side mudguard means the Number Plate Side Indicater Holder Can Tell Me Where Can Available That Angler Around Bangalore ??? Please Mail Or Call Me on
    Cell: +91 9900406117 Email Please Asap


    • fas

      Matheen, I have no idea where that is available. This bike belongs to an xbhpian.

  • Guys……Can anybody tell that where i can buy that back side number

    plate and Indicator Holder….

    I really Need that

  • Maria Xavier






    BYE (TN)…………………

  • Ananya Bahl

    Hey dude i own a pulsar 220 and i would like to modify my bike……So can you call me on 09541798485,09416145758,or on09896936557……I’m in delhi and would like to modify my bike so Please contact………

  • Bajhahj

    LOL,looks like karizma zmr
    thank god u didnt modify it to CBF stunner :P
    anyways goodjob, p220 is one of the ugliest bike in the market and u made it look like a charm now :)

  • Jaideep bindra

    hi…..can u please tell me address where u have modified ur pulsar 220…………i also have the same bike and i am crazy bout modifying it………

  • Abhishek

    Hi dude i too…. have my bike 220…i just viwed this modified bike.. just stunned off by seeing such bike modification…But a simple change would be given to it for it colour..if it would be in Blue colour..Sure Supeb Bike in the india……

  • Naushal

    Extremely Fantastic . I liked the painting and the Graphics .And the Overall look is amazing .

  • naveen sharma

    very nice modified…what abt the cost…how much time it take to come in market……….



  • bajaj is scrap bajaj has done noting with their bikes these yrs same looks;hanle;fuel tank and if u buy pulsar then you need your garage because its fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkg bike in the world

  • nuber plate holder looks great

  • i mean number plate holder looks great

  • ronnie

    this is nothing against yamaha r15 this is just a joke nothing else

  • kash

    nice work is lukng like a monster rockstar ready to rockngly roar its way on d road.thanx 4 d pics man.great job.i have a red 220.wanna modified it in same colour but, budget is 10k.lvng in pune.plz sugst me smthng yaar.

  • gud modificationns

    i ,like it………………….

  • Iqra Rafiqi

    i also owe pulsar 220 i want to do same modification plz let me kno wht to do…

  • Neeraj

    hey awesome work man…i also own pulsar 180….i want to modify it…will u help me…how much it will cost me…

  • solomon

    pls let me know address of the modifier iwant to modify my CBZ
    great work on pulsor

  • want to know frm where u modified your pulsar 220

  • james william

    Hai guys im new to this site . Currently im in Coimbatore [tamil nadu]. Near to my house There Is An Mecanic who is expert in modifing bikes, his name BIKE BABU. Whereas the whole city knew him very well as he expert in it . What he comits is ” to modify PULZAR as R1 it cost only 12,000rs including service charge. And It takes only 5days to modify as there are many like this in que. Place :- NEW SITHAPUTHUR.

  • Harshit

    cool.. man

  • maddy

    this bike is in great look…..
    plz let me know the address from where i can modify my pulsar 220 in delhi…..

    also plz tell me the prize of only the engine cover that looks awesome here in the pics…

  • Hey dude i own a pulsar 220 and i would like to modify my bike……So can you call me on 09004008303,09699699939,or on09773435118……I’m in mumbai and would like to modify my bike so Please contact………

  • rohit

    the guy who modified pulsar 220 ,it look the great and the best bike i had ever seen in mumbai

  • pravin

    it looks awesome………..
    m havin a pulsar 150ccdtsi old model will it b able to modify my bike like this plz reply & also tell me what would b the cost of that plzzzzzzzzzz…..

  • its awesum dude… evn i own a 220… plz let me d adress of whr u did dis modification 2 ur byk…. waitin 4 ur reply…

  • shiva

    this is daam cool man,,,,Bajaj should hire this guy as designing engineer….keep it up man… awesome…!!!

  • Manojit

    Modification design no so good. looks like jocker’s bike. full fairing without curborater not so practical

  • Sethu

    R6 number plate is not nice.
    otherwise,Good Job~!!

  • suhail

    great job dude d bikes awesome but a bit over wit graphics but its sexy

  • Siewert

    Dude..The bike looks awesome..Looking friggen sexy…Nice graphics..A welcome change to other mods..Keep it up..I would like to know how to get the same kind of metal rear mudguards(R6 model number plate holder)..Do contact me at my email –

  • just one word …….” fhaaadd”

  • 4b3l0n3

    great bike… a bit overdone with the engine cover…it looks some extra weight has been put on the bike…yo spent 25000… great deal.. paint job is awesome….graphics.. too tacky!!!…radium over rims… looks nice….and i loved the number plate….thinkin of installin it on my 180 as well!!!… lol… dude … btw .. yo should have waited for R15 to come in… you would have surely been cryin by now… as i saw your bike in a MAG…featurin your letter posted in… and that was like more than a year ago!!!>>.. hats OFF…for yo love… but PULSAR looks great in its original essence…thats a reason i have my 180 still shinin as new in blue..since last six months… and with that bike of yours.., PULLIN ON STUNTS… its just too impossible.. and if yo don forget pulsars are meant 4 DA THING!!!!… peace out!

  • HBK

    wowwwwwwwwwwww budy its looks my point of view this model is the real “MALE”

    Am also hving a pulsar220 so can u help me out to custom my byk.pllzzz do reply to my mail

  • DSR

    dude, it simply looks cool… but white’s messed with it a bit, otherwise, modification is really cool… i own a pulsar 150, can u even help me a bit to modify it..

  • max

    this bike looks awesome ………..i too feel doing the same.I even have the Pic on my room. I have been looking for this sort of stuffs but cant get in hare so plz plz help me out.

  • Aadish Jain

    hye bro this was cool ,,yaar i rely like it.i hv also 220 cc black colour,i also wana do the same .plz tell where u got it an wht matiral u use plz rely me on my cell.+919896805800 Aadish Jain .plz plz bro mess me i will call ok.but plz reply as soon as posibel………… the bike u modifes is relyyyyyyyy sexxxxxyyyyyyyyy yaarrrrr

  • prithvi

    it looks like a karizma zmr

  • sagar

    it should be in red-black or in green-black colour then it will look nice or that bike will be called as a modified bajaj pulsar 220.

  • Raghavendra

    Realy good job. i also want to do same for my pulsar 220 black, can u help me. Plz reply as soon as possible. 919902357110

  • rohith

    dude thanks a lot for these desgn…its look tooo good and i too have the same bike pulsar220cc and now im thnking to modified just as urs

  • Sam

    Yaar kya thinkinking hai teri but iska front bhi to dikhana tha but otherwise
    itsssssssss tooooooo sexyyyyyyyy………….!!!!!!
    Mindblowing graphics and the aluminium no. Plate holder
    If u read this comment do upload the front pose of the bike

  • prasad

    Realy good job. i also want to do same for my pulsar 220 black, can u help me. Plz reply as soon as possible. 9000154222

  • compared to R 1 5 – 220 pulsar DTSi iz bst..
    better performence….high forcus thn R15…….by way where i can get R6 number plate…yeo fixed in yeor bike let me knw on +919986869010

  • firman

    i think, its will be beter if you make your front shock become lower…

  • Kapil

    Dude very muscularly built with all outstanding modifications.. loved your style but one thing I little disliked is too much of graphics. well its just my opinion, you might have liked it, thats good.. Overall a very good look to the Pulsar 220..

  • sarwar

    it look great. i also have 220 from where i get the engin cover. plz tell me.

  • paint job could have been better , looking like a karizma zmr clone …

    nice design on disc brakes .. over all .. good work

  • pulsar220 have greater bhp than r15 & fazer but no more model than fazer & r15 . I am a bike stunter my name is nandhu….i like 2 do stunts with mostly in pulsar….i am from trivandrum via neyyardam. I am studying in +1 in mmrhss orkut id is my no:08907900012


    this is a great modification…………graphics r good……….but i want to know the cost of the engine cover only.

  • sarwar

    bhai apna mobile number plz batado???????????????????????????????????????

  • SAM

    i will tell in word its exalent…..

  • keshav dhacholia

    i also want to modified my 220 so plz help me out….plzzz reply me

  • rhyaan khan

    hey i want to puchase this bike…. wat its price.. i m from delhi nd my contact num is 9555927627… call me….

  • vicky

    graphics are awesome but if u change the muffler and engine chain it will be very very nice

  • he had done the great seeing that it was good looking. no body can believe that the bike was pulsar. it was really great

  • aryan

    hey d byk looks awesm!!.. i too hv p220 wid black clr.
    nd i wnt to do d same as u did..
    d graphics r woooow!!!!.
    :) ya it’s correct in frnt of dis d r15 is nthin..
    bt hey cn u tell me hw cud i get dose graphics nd speciallt d engine cover nd d no.plate..
    plz!! me

  • khushpal

    white pulsar 220 was look better in r15. white colour da pulsar onda ha 22 ji. me nuu tuse aav da mobile no. dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jalde hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • yar ur bike is owsem i have bye new pulsar220 i want to contect with u this is no 9878838395 plz call me yar my name is arsh yar plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz call me and my website is on orkut

  • shashi

    dude bike is awesome but i want 2 knw cost of engine cover

  • daniel

    please call me at

    i want to modified my p220…please call me….


  • Arsh

    totally “Go fida”

  • ridin

    This bike is awesome…..In South Africa we are up with Europe in terms of Bikes….take it from me, the look of your Bike is up with the Best! Well done!

  • AK@$H GH@I

    this is one of the best pulsar, i have ever seen in my life. i always used to think about a white pulsar 220 , it was ny dream to make my bike somewhat like this but i didn’t think of the graphics on it and the number plate holder…..its awesome man!!!!!!!!!!

  • prince sharma

    yr is no.plate k idea kha sa aaya bhot acha h

  • Gr888888888888 job man………….. nicely modified man rocking……………man

  • really WONDERFUll. By seeing this bike i will surely exactly modify. ITs lokk is awesome

  • Gash Demon

    its fine cos .. a rider did this,. .. but its very bad wen herohonda did this same murder to the new zma

  • kishore

    dude awesome modification…………but i think it could have looked more sexy without engine cover…………the graphics are really good……….awesome job dude….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    wat’s it…..a pulsar zmr?! Nicely modified though

  • Rohit Kashayp

    it aint copyed from zmr its an original master piece , coz i have seen it ago,
    And zmr was launched last year, you can say herohonda stole its style

  • ajay chopra

    hi…..i want to modify my pulsar 220 and just want to modify engine area with molding shield i mean want to cover engine nothing else…..could someone tell me where i can modify? i m living nawanshahr, punjab

  • Shubham

    The bike is awesome, the modification done is very much good. The parts used are also good.

  • hamczar

    wow.. cool bro!! honestly i want make mine like yours
    but it makes the air circulation not stable, isn’t it?
    we know that pulsar 220 doesn’t have a radiator, so that make a engine covered by fairing and it can be hot inside

  • kunal

    Hey bro, awesome tuning, loved it, i want to get a r6 holder like yours, if you could temme where to purchase it.. i mean i tried looking for a website to buy Online buh i don fink dey do sell OL in India… :P mail me

  • rish

    lol…dis is so lame bike….d mods r horrible…..even d lame r15 lookzz betta den dis ….ya ruind d bike numnuttzz….lol…wid d cheap fairin…dis lookzz low grade….well…who carzz…iv got a mv

  • Maddy

    Kinda very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood……………………

  • your modification is a great art of work

  • Abu

    It is very nice & its awesome.

  • Rohit

    Can u plz help me
    How to modified 220 silver colour

  • suraj


    i feel that the xtra fearing was jus a lil waste. adds more weight, he should’ve made the bike more lighter.

  • Dinesh

    hi…. it was awesome…. can u tell me the cost of the engine cover…..

  • Parteek

    yr i am from bathinda , & i have red 220pulser, plz tell me i wanna modifi my bike as a same look, plz reply me at my number

    my mail id


  • vikrant

    really awsome modified bike,,,i’ll do d same wid my pulsar 220 cc,….

  • shabaz

    hi bro bike is ossam n yeah u hve made tat white n red m gona make it black and red n m gona port it fromm 220 to 300 its gona go fast dude:-)

  • amit kapoor

    awsome modified bike ITS VRY VRY GuD DESIGN

  • sady

    i also want to modified my 220 so plz help me out….plzzz reply me

  • shannu

    hi i want this bike pls call me 9666912940

  • Rahul Moshal

    Hi, I have bought a new pulsar 180 (2011)August version. My Rear tyre is very nice .I want to know whether i can fit a head similar to your bike along with engine covers in pulsar 180.Please help me my email is plz reply.

  • Wow…you are definately a talented blogger ! Keep up the good work !

  • zuber

    hey dude i also have pulsar 220… i need the engine cover plzzz dude let me knw from where i can get that same cover plzzzz,, my contact no-8237777707…plz reply me as soon as u can

  • rinchin

    hi i have got new 220 n wanted to modify it so where have u done this modification………. please let me

  • hey i jst wanna to make ma 220jst lyk dis so plzzz help me out how i can……?

  • radhakant

    nice and it’s a indian bike

  • Rajeev choudhary

    I also want to modify my pulsar 220 from where have you modified it

  • siddharth

    plz gv me modifier address

  • guddu

    tell me the address of modifier

  • i hve an apache rtr180 nd wnt a customized full faring kit where can i get it?

  • Asif

    I want to modify my Pulsar 150, pls help me.

    • venu

      All bikes modifications can be done in Hyderabad, Ram Koti.

  • shahid

    good work dude

  • Hey., where can I get these extensiins , to pulsar , the engine cover n whole part other than .pulsar ..i own a p220 . Thanks

  • Arun

    its so good yaar …but grafix as to be improved

  • Anwar Warsi

    i want this modification in Delhi. Can u please help me out?

    • Paul alex

      I hav my pulsar 220,
      i like to modify it..
      How can i get the side coverings for pulsar ..
      Is it available in showrooms….

  • siddhu

    i own pulsar220F new version … black and blue color… the modification s gud but not too gud :)


    I have a pulsar220.I want 2 modifie my bike such as modified white pulsar220. Can u help me how can i do it? plz plz plz…………..

  • Md Rageeb Quadri

    i also want to modify my pulsar 220 , where should i get , pls suggest me near by ranchi,jharkhand.

  • sudip sinha

    i didnt lykd it……

  • Anurag

    Hey bro…. Nice mods… can u please share the address or contact details of the person who have done the gr8 job???

  • hai brother pls give me the contact no. of modifier.

  • Gaurav

    Hey guys…i need ur help!

  • abhilash

    plz let me know where u have modified ur byke

  • Jj cung

    waoo really awsome
    godd I like your modidied

  • rajesh

    am giong to purchase new bajaj pulser 220, can i get directly modified bike wat i see above.. pls send me the information to my mail id:

  • Akshay

    what is the cost of engine cover

  • vinod

    Hi i want the same modification.. can u please help me out

  • yashraj

    Very nice i want make my pulsar olso like this

  • aditya

    isse achi bike ho hi nhi skti yar realy nice

    • Sujit

      i have bought a new 220 pulsar i want make it a uniqe modified so plz. suggest me how can i……..

    • Sujit

      i have bought a 200cc pulsar i want make it a unique modified so pl z. suggest me how can i……..

  • mujhe bhi bike cover chahiye . plz tell me khan se milega ye

  • gaurav singh

    how price of this bike………. 220 pulsur

  • simon

    hai i am using pulsar 150 rted in colour please i want to alteration it , sir please send me the phottoess of alteration bikes of pulsar i am waiting for your reply thank u

  • Syed Ali

    hey………i also have a 220 where can i modify it plzzzz give me the adreess of this modifier

  • veeru bisht

    hello sir mujhe pulsar220 bike ka cover chahiye

  • Khandu Dorjiz

    which bike cover is that sir can you please tell me

  • jibin

    For custom designs of pulsar visit :

  • jai uppal

    i like it so much i also have pulsar 220 so please give me the suggestion for modified it.

  • Balvir

    i see images of modified pulsar 220 its realy give bold look…..i want to modified my 220 so pls help me……….

  • Sir m waiting 4 ur reply

  • nasrullah

    i want to modify my bike if possible giv me ur contact num am sure i wanna do pls

  • mast hai yaar

  • Rajat

    I have pulsar 150 dtsi.i want to modify this bike plz help me

  • Surya shakya

    Pulsar220 is nice bike .

  • anjali

    it is really nc peace re……. cooooolllllllll:-):-):-)……… i want 2 take it….;-)

  • anjali

    it is really nc peace re…….

  • saurav verma

    Its too flashy guys….may be it was old but seriously it lacks aesthetic appeal!!!

  • sid

    Hey buddy..
    Where can i order those number plate holder? M from northeast india. And how much will that cost?

  • Sudhesh Choudhary

    i want to purchase this bike….please contact me @ 09468674373

  • vinu

    hi I too wanna alter my bike plz can I knw where the kit of this pulsar ll b available

  • Akash

    Seriously… Maja nai aya.

  • krish

    am krish hey very nice this already my test the same ya u r thik s very nice i love the byke frd

  • krish

    wooooooooooooooow it’s amazing i love this byke machi

  • jackson

    looks like shit

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