My name is Vidit Kalra and I am a student in Delhi university. This is my 2007 model Bajaj Pulsar 200, to which i went ahead and modified into a fusion of R15 and Pulsar. Some people might say that the originality of the bike has been destroyed or whatsoever, but I wanted a new look (credit goes to the new Pulsar 180 and 150 which leave no difference in the looks between them and the late Pulsar 200cc). Hence, I went ahead to give it a new look. I got it custom made and the cost of the mod is Rs. 35,000/-…!


The mods are : –

  • Clip-on handle bar
  • Custom made front fairing
  • Custom made rear and front mudguard
  • Number plate mount


My bike has done 20000kms and I didn’t want a new R15 nor did I want it to look like the R15. I just wanted a different look from the other Pulsars. There has not been much effect on the milege after the mods. My bike gives me roughly around 40kms per litre. I find the bike heavy as compared to earlier days, also I personally feel that there’s a downfall in the pick-up but according to castrol bike zone mechanics, it’s fine. May be what i feel is psychological. The top speed I have been able to do on my bike after the mod is 121kmph at 9000Rpm.


How many kms have you done? How many do you do everyday?
20k till date and I travel around 100kms a day from home to college and vice versa on busy roads of Delhi.


When and how did your love for cars/bikes or both start?
I have always been a lover of the sound of the exhaust. Yamaha R1 was the first bike that got my interest and thus it developed further on and on. True, I cannot afford a R1, but I tried my best to create a bike that is different from all and unique and here I am.


Why is your car/bike so special to you?
I got it all. THE MODIFICATION done in my presence..! Everyday 8-10 hours for 3 weeks…! Phew, hard days those were…! :p But the reward seems to be sweet…!

What do you love the most about your car/bike?
I guess because i converted my red Pulsar into this black n wild green coloured beast..! My imagination says that the new color can resemble that of a dark black forest with green wild grass…! May be that’s why I call it WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A RED BEAST MEETS A BLACK WILD JUNGLE.

Which is your dream car/bike?
Car: Lamborghini Gallardo
Bike: Yamaha R1


Which car/bike sold in India is your current favourite?
Car:- The new Accord 3.5
Bike:- My modified bike, its got all what everybody wants

Any advice for Motorbeam readers?
Guys, this is one site you want to bookmark. It has everything that a young bike enthusiast needs to know about bikes and cars. It really helped me while I was modifying my bike. I took a lot of ideas from here..!