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Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi Performance and Specs

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Zigwheels tested the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi and are raving about its performance. They say the Pulsar 220 DTSi is the fastest bike in India. It can reach 100kmph from standstill in just 11.30 seconds and can reach a true top speed of 138.5kmph. Which is way faster than any other bike in the country including the Yamaha R15. Bajaj hasn’t discontinued the Pulsar 220 DTSFi and the Pulsar 220 DTSi replaces the Pulsar 200.

You can read Zigwheels test drive report here. Click images below to enlarge.



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  • Yash

    Bajaj should really consider making changes to the physical appearance of the bike. The body-flow is wierd and looks like a chameleon!! :P

  • shyam

    42 kmpl is a big lie for a 220cc bike..
    its just a promotional gimmick..

    • Anirban Ray

      No, my friend, I beg to disagree. I have extracted 48.2 Kmpl from this bike once, and get 44.54 kmpl of overall fuel economy with normal unleaded petrol with no fancy additives or engine oils or anything. Bike runs stock. No modifications. You just have to know how to extract the maximum out of your motorcycle. If you want speed, you know what to do. But for economy you must have control of your throttle and your wish to ride economical, to feel that sweet spot where your engine runs most comfortably. try it yourself. No better teacher than your own feelings, brother

  • Deepak

    hi fas until u let me know i wont belive about milage of ths bike plz tell me what is the milage of this bike in city n highway. and does its performance will be good as much as yamaha’s

  • srivaatsav

    some where ard 40 !

  • fas

    Deepak, the bike will give you around 40kmpl as Srivaatsav said. Performance may be better then Yamaha but Yamaha’s engines are more refined, quality and reliability is better. In city you can expect 38kmpl from the Pulsar 220 and on the highways around 42kmpl.

  • sinner

    the bike looks a bit better from its previous model… holding the black accessories including alloy wheels which makes it a better looking sporty this version the much bigger carbueretter replaces the fi technique…which provides a better pick up and more power…which is enhences the performance of the bike, since it is a performance bike.. and guys if you’re goin in for an 200+ cc bike you should not be really care for its mileage then… now surely the zma and yamahar15 is goin to feel the heat… as you can now get ur hands arnd a bike of 220cc range starting from 70,000 onwards… the price is goin to be the usp of the bajaj auto..even its performance is far better than the both .. another reason of the reduced price of the particular bike is that..the bajaj is concered abt the yamaha fazer’s launch which is expected arnd 70,000 bucks as bajaj has to go neck to neck with the yamaha it is goin to be a new product for consumers…a bit sad though.. that the bajaj discontinued the mah favr8 member of the pulsar family—the pulsar 200cc… :(

  • Deepak

    thanks you lot for the information fas srivaastsav sinner n yes bajaj have lunche a gr8 bike for the people, u all r good friend. n now another thing if u dont mind may i know what do fas really stands for is it the name or smthing else.

  • fas

    Deepak, fas is my pet name, I write on this site.

  • Deepak

    Ok dude i got it nyways thank you

  • Deepak

    hi fas does p220 also available in silver colour,n how it is possible that the bike will give milage of around 42 when it have only dtsi engine as well as it is non fi version..plz make clear about it.

  • fas

    Deepak, on the highway under sane riding and shifting gears at 3k rpm, the bike will give you 42.

  • Sinister

    Hey fas..

    My new 220 DTSi has got a mileage of 48km/lit in city n the same in highways..

    I got my engne tuned everytime i went to the service station, 2000kms done, 1 service done n i went about 5 times to get the carb in perfect shape (no rich mixtures).

    But, i feel that the pickup has reduced a bit.. I WANT YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS

    Secondly, 2000kms are done, can i switch to synthetic oil? bajaj recommends 20W50, i feel like using 50W50 as it is more viscous n hence thicker oil film between contact parts. (I am never going to a place with winter temperatures below 10C) What should I do.

    Please advice..

    And i have many more doubts, if you’d welcome them..


    • fas

      Sinister, that mileage is pretty good and the reason the mileage has gone down because your bike is tuned towards efficiency and not performance. You can go for synthetic oil, remember to flush the engine before you go ahead. You doubts are always welcome so fire away.

      And ya please use one fuel, don’t switch between premium and normal fuel, decide on one and stick with it.

  • Sinister

    To add more info,

    Petrol Used: HP Power sometimes n SHELL Premium. (Everytime, Petrol with Additives has been used)

    SHOULD I BE VERY PROUD THAT MY BIKE RETURNS SUCH A MILEAGE? I am a mechanical engineer so i do ride n keep my bike in full shape..

    Highway Speed: 65-75 Km/hr.

    N ya, dont forget, i have many more doubts..


  • max

    hey fas i m one of the fastest indian can u suggest the speed one should drive on to get maximum
    fuel efficiency……??

    • fas

      Max, ride at 60kmph for best FE.

    • lali

      it is hard to maintain a speed of 60.
      only for FE we have to do that , P220 is the best bike in country , dont know about CBR250 but it is a lot more costlier than P220 so P220 is VFM in it s segment

  • max

    thanks for reply mate but i hope it does not effect the pick up or swiftness of the bike!!!

    • fas

      Max, don’t worry it won’t affect the pickup or swiftness of the bike.

  • max

    hey fas mate my 220 is havin a starting prblm infact its not gettin strtd……….and after 2-3 selfs there is blast in the exaust mate can u tell me abt the problem and wat to do!!!

    • fas

      Max, go to Bajaj service center asap. It sounds like a starter issue.

  • max

    fas mate i went to the srvc station they changed my cdi unit…… tat the starter u r tkin abt????
    although the bikes ok now

    • fas

      Max, yes. Capacitor discharge ignition is used together with the ignition coil to create the spark used to ignite the air/fuel mixture in a cylinder. Now your bike should be fine.

  • sidd

    bajaj really needs to install a 6 speed gear box in this baby…..and a weight reduction will really do wonders for this bike…..and overall this bike is awesome…..

  • yuvraj singh

    my 220 touches a speed of 148kmph but i know it’s still less it can go at a speed of 155kmph

  • yuvraj singh

    my bike gave an avg of 47km/ltr as well

  • lalit nagarth

    if you want speed then go for this bike .. but if looks and Engine Stability go for r15

  • Tapan

    hi i just want to know what is the current ex-showroom & on-road price in pune for pulsar 220cc

  • antarpunit singh

    wt is di actual mileage of pulsar 220 cc in city

  • kapil

    pulsar is waste bike …………….no comments for this okkk

  • nishu khan

    hey Faisal bro can you please tell me when is pulsar 220 model of 2009 is launching in Delhi with ex showroom price of Rs-70000.

    • Faisal Khan

      Nishu, I don’t think there is any news as such.

  • http://yahoo sherman

    hey faisal can you tell em when bajaj is launching 350 cc i dont wanna go the 220 now since i have checked the up date of the bike

    • Faisal Khan

      Sherman, there is no word on 350 but its expected in by April 2014.

  • Ranjan kumar

    kaya mere naseeb me
    aasa bike chhlane ka moka mile ge

  • yash patel

    Hey faizal i want to buy a bike can u tell me which 1 is good 180 pulsar 220pulsar unicorn apachee hunk fz in average n over all perfomance plzz tell

    • Faisal Khan

      Yash, Apache 180 is the one to get.

  • achha

    hey it became old….. replace with some better shit…. fastest Indian nahi hai Ab ye….

  • sundar

    Hey dude my 220f gives only 34km/lit.
    My Ques is that iF i reduce weight by removing dhoom can increase my mileage.
    Please suggest dude…
    My another doubt is reducing weight in the bike can increase the mileage

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